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Can I Upload The Photos And Videos In My SD Card? (Samsung Cloud)

Can I Upload The Photos And Videos In My SD Card? (Samsung Cloud)

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes with an awesome camera experience that every user is bound to fall in love with. However, just being able to use the camera to take nice shots is not enough. You need to be able to store these photos on safe platform such that even if you come to lose your smartphone, you can still recover your photos.

Many Galaxy Note 9 users are asking if they can upload photos and videos in SD card to the Samsung Cloud. In this article, we would like to clarify certain points concerning the idea of uploading videos and photos to the Samsung Cloud storage.

Can I Upload The Photos And Videos In SD card?

At the moment, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphones do not support the sync to external storage drive such as the SD card. This will therefore make it impossible to directly upload any videos or photos that are stored on your SD card directly into the Samsung Cloud.

The best thing to do if you want to upload any photos or videos from your SD card is to move them onto your phone’s internal storage. Once you do that, you should now successfully upload them since your device is already synced to the Samsung Cloud.

What is Auto Sync? (Samsung Cloud)

Auto syncing is a great feature to have on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone because it helps to keep you connected across all your devices using the same Samsung account. With this feature, you can take videos and photos then edit and delete as you fit. Any edits you make on a photo will reflect in all of the devices on which the photo or video has been saved.

You will need a strong internet connection to make sure that your photos and videos are uploaded to your Samsung cloud account. Most carriers should support the auto sync for the photo Gallery App beginning from the Samsung Galaxy S8 going upwards.

How to Turn on Auto Sync on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

If you would like to turn on the auto sync to be able to upload videos, photo and story album to the Samsung Cloud, you should follow the steps provided below;

  1. Switch on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  2. Go to the Settings
  3. From settings, tap on Cloud and Account/Accounts
  4. Open Samsung Account
  5. Tap on Gallery
  6. You should now enable the Auto Sync by toggling the switch ON.

Is Story Album also uploaded to Samsung Cloud?

Some users have also been inquiring if it is possible to upload the Story Upload to Samsung Cloud. The answer is yes, as long as the device is synced with your Samsung account, you should be able to upload the Story Album to Samsung Cloud. Just turn on Auto Sync and make sure that all the network settings are satisfied.

What Happens if Auto Sync Is Turned Off?

If you already synced some photos and videos, these will be securely kept in the Samsung Cloud but any new photos and videos may be edited, deleted or viewed without being uploaded on cloud. Moreover, any other photo and videos on other devices will also not be viewed on a different device whose auto sync feature has been switched off.

This is the same as when you try to use auto sync in gallery without a network connection. You can only see those videos and photos that were already synced but for you to sync any newly created gallery files, you will need a Wi-Fi or mobile internet connection.

You can choose to turn off the auto sync for specific albums on your gallery. When you do that, such albums won’t be synced. For story albums with or without turning on the auto sync feature, you should still be able to upload any videos or photos created to the Samsung Cloud.

What Happens When You Delete Videos and Photos in Photo Gallery

It is interesting to note that for any photos and videos which have been synced, deleting them from your photo gallery will still make them available to you in the cloud recycle bin. All you have to do is restore these videos and photos and you will be able to access them on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 gallery.

However, if 15 days elapse after deleting them photos and you haven’t recovered them, the files will be lost forever. The same applies to any videos and photos which were deleted before they were synced. These will be lost instantly.

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