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Galaxy NOTE 9: Save Picture From Text Message

Are you a fan of receiving MMS text messages on your smartphone? Do you happen to own a Samsung Galaxy Note 9? If MMS is your favorite way to receive and send awesome photos with your close friends and family members, then you can save these pictures directly on your Android.

Sending pictures through text messages eliminates the need for a data connection or social media which is a different route in today’s world of social media giants like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. MMS helps you get intimate with your contact list without the stress of mobile data or Wi-Fi connections.

With this method, you can access photos from the Photo Gallery instead having to navigate through numerous message threads to find your pictures.

To Save A Picture from a Text message On Samsung Galaxy Note 9

  1. Turn on your smartphone and open the home screen
  2. Launch the Messages app from the App menu
  3. Locate the message thread with the particular photo
  4. Open the message thread and click on the photo you want to save
  5. Long press the image until a menu pops up on the display
    • Click on the Save Attachment option
    • Another option is to look for the View Slideshow option > Menu > Save Attachment (if there is no Save Attachment option)
  6. Click on the image to be saved
  7. Tap the Save button
  8. Exit the Messages app and check for the photo(s) in the Photo Gallery section

Going forward, you can repeat the same steps whenever you receive a picture via text message on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9. If there is more than one picture in a particular message thread, you should be able to save them in bulk or select the ones you want to save manually.

The photos saved from the text message should reflect under the appropriate folder in the Gallery section.

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Jeremy Bello

Aug 18, 2018

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