Galaxy S7 Wireless Charging Not Working (Solution)

One of the best features that appeared on the Galaxy S6, that is still on the Galaxy S7 is the wireless charging. But some have reported that the Galaxy S7 wireless charging not working, below we’ll explain how you can fix this. The great thing about the Galaxy S7 wireless charging is that you can quickly charge your phone without needing to worry about any cords or being out of range of a power source, but when the charing pad isn’t working it can be frustrating.

The vast majority of wireless charging on Galaxy S7 is either using the Samsung wireless charing pad, or the more powerful fast charge Samsung Qi wireless charging pad. These wireless charging pads have been the global standard and can be found every where from international airports to Starbucks around the world.

The main issues with the Galaxy S7 wireless charing pad not working is when you first start using it. Most see a message saying “Wireless Charing Paused” and get upset that the Galaxy S7 wireless charging is not working. Even if you try to remove your case, use a different charger for power supply or attempt to charge it again, none of this will probably work. Instead follow the guide below to be able to fix the Galaxy S7 wireless charging not working.


Galaxy S7 Wireless Charging Solution

The way that you can fix the Galaxy S7 wireless charging not working is to turn off the “Sleep” function on the smartphone. This means you need to disable your Galaxy S7 from going to sleep and turn on the “Daydream” feature to be able to fix the wireless charging problem on your Galaxy S7. The following will explain how to turn on the “Daydream” feature so you can fix the Galaxy S7 wireless charger not working problem:

  1. Turn on your Galaxy S7
  2. Go to ‘Settings’
  3. Select on ‘Display’
  4. Select on ‘Daydream’
  5. Now check to see that Daydream feature is turned on
  6. Select on which Daydream visual you want
  7. Select on ‘More’ in the top right corner
  8. Select on ‘Select when to daydream’
  9. Then make sure that ‘While Charging’ or ‘Both’ is turned on


Alternative Galaxy S7 wireless charging solution

Another way that you can fix the Galaxy S7 wireless charging not working is by using a shorter cable. Even though this won’t always work, many suggest that it’s worked for them. The reason for this is because a longer cable has more resistance to the overall power. So you can also try to purchase a short USB cable by buying a short USB from Amazon, you can also buy one of these, Sabrent 22AWG Premium Micro USB Cables.


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