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What is Google Keep Used For?

What is Google Keep Used For?

Google Keep is probably one of the best note-taking apps available. It’s been around for nearly a decade, but got a little overwhelmed by all the competition and never properly shined.

Keep is available free of charge for anyone with a Google account. And yes, it makes taking notes very convenient, but it has so much more to offer.

In this article, we’re going to go over all the major features of Google Keep and show you how to use them to your advantage. Plus, you might even learn about lesser-known uses for this amazing productivity app.

Create Notes with Google Keep

The core purpose of the Google Keep app is to ensure you take accurate notes. So, what does taking notes look like in Keep?

Whether you use the mobile app or Google Keep on the web, the feature is more or less the same. A note can be anything you want it to be, like a drawing or an image. You can edit your notes by adding or removing titles.

For many users, taking notes often means creating to-do or shopping lists. That means that when you turn your note into a list, you’ll see a box next to each item that you can checkmark as soon as you’re done with it.

Customizing and Organizing Your Notes

Like most apps we use for better organization, Google Keeps gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to customization. Once you create your note or checklist, you get to change its color and add special labels.

This will not only make your Google Keep outline look colorful and fun, but it’s also going to help you keep better track of your thoughts, plans, or to-do lists.

But how do you ensure that once the notes start adding up, you’ll be able to locate the specific item?

Google made sure to implement the search box and other filters to guarantee a note never gets misplaced.

Also, you can always pin an important note and find it again by tapping on the pin icon at the top of the screen.

Google Keep Used for

Recording Voice Notes

It’s impossible to talk about Google Keep and not mention one of its most amazing features. While the app is designed for the optimal typing of notes, it also gives you the option to turn your voice into text.

Everyone can record their voice and then listen to it, but the ability of Google Keep to transcribe your words accurately is nothing short of fantastic.

Sharing Your Notes

What’s the point of jotting down your fabulous business idea in the middle of the night, if you’re not going to share it with someone who’d appreciate it?

When you use Google Keep to store your thoughts, you don’t need to copy them elsewhere in order to share. You can simply add a “Collaborator” to your note, and the person you’re sharing it with will be able to see it.

All you need is their name if they’re in your Google contacts, or an email address if they’re not. You can share your notes with as many people as you choose.

Set Reminders with Google Keep

Having Google Keep as your sidekick when you’re trying to boost your productivity and organization can help a lot. But some notes are simply reminders to complete an important task.

And yes, writing it down is much better than making a mental note of it. But do you know what’s even better? – making the most of Google Keep’s reminder feature.

You’ll notice a bell icon in Google Keep in every note that you take. By tapping or clicking on it, you’ll choose the time, date, and whether you want your reminder to be on repeat.

Transcribe Text from Images with Google Keep

What do you do with post-it notes all over your room that help you study or keep track of a project you’re working on? And what about that phone number you’ve written down on a napkin?

If you want to save information without having to copy it manually, you can use Google Keep’s transcribing feature.

Due to Optical Character Recognition technology, you can use the “Grab Image Text” feature and have the notes in Keep in just a few seconds.

What Google Keep Used for

Use Google Keep with Other Google Products

If you’re a Google Account holder, it’s always a good idea to remember that the integration of Google products and apps is incredibly convenient.

Google Keep is a perfect example of this. Did you know that you can drag and drop any type of note to Google Docs from Keep? No conversion or editing is required. The same applies to other members of the same ecosystem as Google Drive or Google Slides.

And since all G Suite apps are meant to be collaborative, using Google Keep for business can also contribute to your productivity and efficiency.

Is Google Keep Available on All Devices?

Let’s take a moment to point out another reason why sticking with Google Keep as your go-to app for taking notes is a good idea – it works seamlessly across all platforms and devices.

And while some people might find they’re most comfortable using the web app, others will rely on mobile apps. Be sure to always have the latest version by going to the App Store or Play Store.

But also, as a Google product, you can get the most from Keep if you install the Google Chrome extension. It makes it super-easy to save text from a webpage by adding the URL note. And then, when you click on the URL again, it leads you to the same text you previously saved.

Google Keep

Keep Tabs on Yourself with Google Keep

If you’re a bit underwhelmed with the note-taking app you’re currently using, perhaps Google Keep can take over for a while. It’s not perfect, but like all Google apps, it’s stable and has a clean and straightforward UI.

When you need a personal stenographer, Keep is there to cover the shift. And if you’re trying to copy a note from a piece of paper, you don’t need to take a picture, as Keep will transcribe it for you.

What do you use Google Keep for mostly? Let us know in the comments section below.

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