Will There Be a Season 7 of Grace and Frankie?

If you finished binging season 6 of Grace and Frankie, you must be on the edge of your seat. But will there be a season 7? Relax, the answer is yes. However, it will also be the final season of this amazing comedy on Netflix.

This is truly bittersweet news, but everything good comes to an end. And it’s sort of poetic that this show is the longest-running show on Netflix, considering its plot. If you want to learn more about season 7, and some more interesting facts and trivia about Grace and Frankie, read on.

When Does It Air?

Season 6 of Grace and Frankie aired on Netflix as recently as January 15th, 2020. Still, fans are already asking about season 7? Well, people are impatient in general, especially when waiting for something as good as this show. On top of that, these people are Netflix bingers. Therefore, can you really blame them? We don’t. This show is pure comedy gold and deserves all the hype it receives. Enough rambling, when does season 7 air on Netflix?

Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until 2021. Looking at the pattern of previous releases, the first quarter of 2021 seems to be the most likely time of release for the final season of Grace and Frankie. But rest assured. Filming has already started.

Officially, the production of season 7 began on January 27th of this year. Hopefully, it will be wrapped up by January next year, but we can’t blame the show’s producers if it gets a little bit delayed. We need a proper show ending, not a rushed out fan service.

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What’s It About?

Writer and producer, Marta Kaufman, stated that the final season is going to be unpredictable and nail-biting, that the beloved main characters are going to deal with something totally new and interesting.

The show’s producers are confident that they’re going to give their fans and the show’s characters what they deserve. That said, the ending still isn’t written, and a lot can change in the coming months.

More tension is to follow – and you know what we’re talking about if you’ve seen the last season (6). There could be another wedding in season 7, but nothing is certain yet.

How Many Episodes Are There?

Season 7 of Grace and Frankie is going to be longer than the previous season. It will feature 16 episodes, making the total count a whopping 94 episodes. Alongside The Ranch, this is the longest-running show on Netflix.

The final season episode expansion is going to add an additional 90 minutes to the show’s runtime, which will hopefully be enough to wrap up the series properly. Fingers crossed.

What About the Cast?

Don’t worry everyone, the original cast will remain for the last season. The cast choices were phenomenal throughout the show, and it would be a real pity to ruin that. Here’s the returning cast, in no particular order:

  1. Frankie is still played by Lily Tomlin.
  2. Grace is, of course, the one and only Jane Fonda.
  3. Robert is played by none other than Martin Sheen.
  4. Sam Waterston is still playing Sol.
  5. Mallory is played by Brooklyn Decker.
  6. Ethan Embry returns as Coyote.
  7. Baron Vaughn is Bud, and
  8. June Diane Raphael will appear as Brianna.

There’s still no mention of any guest stars, but based on the show’s history, you can surely expect someone interesting and very famous.

Comments from the Leading Ladies

Tomlin and Fonda are reported to be both happy, and sad at the same time. They’re going to miss Grace and Frankie, but they’re still very grateful to have been part of this amazing show. They think that it’s a show about the past and the up and coming generations.

Undoubtedly, it’s a great comedy that unites everyone. And all viewers agree that no one could have replaced these two acting legends in their fantastic portrayal of Grace and Frankie.

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The End of the Journey

Grace and Frankie brought a lot of laughter, but also some tears to their audience. It’s a bittersweet comedy, and will probably end on the same note. Hopefully, you’ve got all the answers you needed before the next season airs.

Until then, feel free to rewatch some of your favorite episodes, or even the entire show, depending on your binging capabilities.

What do you think the final season will bring? Are you happy that we’re getting another season, or you are sad to see Grace and Frankie end? Let us know in the comments section below.

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