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How To Activate iOS 10 Text Message Forwarding On iPhone And iPad

How To Activate iOS 10 Text Message Forwarding On iPhone And iPad

When iOS 10 was released, Apple had fixed some software issues and included some new features into the latest release of iOS 10. One of the main features was iOS 10 Text Message Forwarding on your iPhone. What Text Message Forwarding does is it mirrors text messages sent to your iPhone in the Messages app on the Mac or iPad. It’s important to note that Text Message Forwarding requires you to use the same Apple ID on both devices for Text Message Forwarding to work properly, FaceTime must be signed in with your Apple ID.

To be able to use Text Message Forwarding on the Mac or iPad, you need to add an email address to iMessage and use FaceTime with your Apple ID/iCloud, the following will help for those who can’t activate iOS 10 Text Message Forwarding.


How to Enable Text Message Forwarding on iOS 10:

  1. Go the iPhone’s Settings > Messages > Send & Receive and select “Use your Apple ID for iMessage”.
  2. Enter your Apple ID user name and password. Then iOS allows you to enable iMessage with an email associated with your Apple ID, in addition to your phone number.
  3. Select an email address to enable it and then choose Next.
  4. Back at the iMessage settings, select Text Message Forwarding.
  5. Messages on the Mac or iPad opens automatically and creates a one-time verification code.
  6. Input this code into your iPhone, as shown below.


Follow the same steps to enable Text Message Forwarding on your other Apple devices. Bluetooth is not required for Text Message Forwarding and your devices don’t need to be on the same Wi-Fi network.




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