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How To Add A New Reminder In Samsung Galaxy Note 8

How To Add A New Reminder In Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 were built to run on several apps and display notifications that these apps might request. However, the issue is that there are times when the Notifications panel will be piled with these messages. This makes it very easy to mistakenly tap and delete important messages when they are hidden in less important ones.

If you have apps installed on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that sends you important messages, there is a way to set a reminder that will make messages from this app to be seen first before others.

This feature works by reminding you at different times of the day to check for new messages from these important apps.

You should also know that this feature is only available on Samsung phones. Since you are lucky to own one of these amazing devices, you might at least be interested in knowing more about it.    

What are you allowed to personalize on the Notification reminder?

Making use of this feature means that you can personalize it according to your preferences. Even though it’s a preinstalled feature, but you will have to activate it by yourself. This means if you are curious enough to want to try it, then you will need to switch it on using the steps below.

  1. Smartphone Vibrates: The Reminder feature works with the normal notification tone on your smartphone. To make it more standard, you can add vibrations. You will need to do this manually by marking this mode so that your smartphone will ring out and still vibrate whenever you are being notified by this feature.
  2. Setting Reminder interval: In the similar mold that you set your alarm clock snooze function, the Reminder feature has the notification interval option. Setting this will dictate when you want the notification reminder to come up. There are only five options available for now on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 you can pick between 1, 3, 5, 10 or 15 minutes, although the older versions of Samsung smartphone came with these time frames: 3, 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes.
  3. Whether for all apps or Specific apps – This is another aspect that we need to consider, the kind of apps that you want the notification reminder to work on. By default, this feature will not include all apps. So you can either click on all the apps option even though this can drive you crazy if you are not careful. Alternatively, you can choose the individual app that you think it’s important. The only time you should consider using the first option is when you need to quickly reset some apps on the list of the reminder notification on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.         

How to activate the Notification reminder?

Now that you are aware of what to expect, you will probably want to try out this feature. You can make use of the steps below to enable it:

  1. Locate the settings on your Note 8
  2. Click on the notification panel, using the gear icon
  3. Locate the Apps screen that is in the Settings app.
  4. You can now click on the Settings icon
  5. Locate the Accessibility settings on Settings list
  6. Search for the Notification reminder feature
  7. Move the toggle from OFF to ON
  8. You can now select the type of notification mode that you prefer.

You can share your comments with us about how you feel with the Notification reminder on Samsung Galaxy Note 8!

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