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How To Add Countdown App On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus

A countdown widget is one of those tiny additions to your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus that can help you tremendously when it comes to keeping track of whatever is next on your to-do list.

Crazy, rushed, before holiday weeks or just any other time of the year when you’re always on the go, having one of these little helpers at hand could prove extremely useful.


To add a countdown widget on the Home screen of your Android…

  1. Launch the Play Store;
  2. Type Countdown Widget in the search bar;
  3. Download and install the returned result app;
  4. Leave the Play Store and head back to the Home screen;
  5. Launch the Edit mode by long-pressing on any empty part of the screen;
  6. In the newly-opened Set Home Screen dialog box, tap on Widgets;
  7. Identify the newly-installed Countdown Widget in the list and tap on it;
  8. Hold and drag the widget right on the Home screen;
  9. In the popup screen that will ask you to configure its settings, you can set up the countdown date and personalize the event with a name and a suggestive title, perhaps even tweak the ring colors a little bit;
  10. Now you should see the widget on your Home screen and you can move it around wherever you need it to be.


That’s how you get to install and use the Countdown Widget for Android. Chances are you will love how easy it is to personalize and how beautifully it can display all those color events on your screen, sparing you from having to use the calendar and checking up on the coming events.

Once the big day has arrived, the event will automatically disappear from the home screen of your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus. If you liked this one but you’re curious to try some alternatives, check out the Countdown Plus Widgets Lite app.



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David Williams

Mar 30, 2017

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