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How To Alter Galaxy Note 8 Text Message App

How To Alter Galaxy Note 8 Text Message App

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 are regarded to be among the best smartphones of the year 2017. Like other smartphones, these devices come with pre-installed apps that are have been specially designed for Samsung smartphones with specific features.

There is a new feature on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that is called the Message app that perfectly works with the new Android operating system.

These new apps are not customizable in theory and are just basic, but there are features that will give you a better experience on your device. One of these amazing features is that you can call a contact by just making sure the year on the phone corresponds with the message. Also, it gives you a quick control option that allows you to swipe with your fingers and start a call.

1. The messaging app on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is still not as effective as other message apps that you can download from the Play Store. These apps have cool features that allow you to customize backgrounds, alter the font size and add color. These apps give you a better experience when you are texting on your smartphone.

2. I cannot specifically tell you the best one to download, but you can always try a couple to pick the best one for you. I will explain below on how to set the downloaded app as the default message app on your Galaxy Note 8.

Owners of the older Android versions of the Samsung always receive double messages on their device whenever they download a third party app. But Samsung has made sure that you cannot set two apps as the default message app on the latest OS version. You will have to set the downloaded app as your default app if you do not want to receive messages in the preinstalled app anymore.

Changing the Galaxy Note 8 text message app

1. Click on the Google Play Store and locate the text app that you want to download.

2. There are different text apps that you can download including the popular ones like GoSMS, Chomp or Textra.

3. Start the newly downloaded app and make sure you pay attention the features available. For instance, text app like the Textra comes with a big button that you can press to set the app as the default text message app.

4. However, if your text message app does not come with an icon like that of Textra, then you will have to manually set it up. You can do this by making use of the steps below:

(a) Click on the general settings of your device

(b) Locate the Device section

(c) Click on Applications

(d) Click on Default Applications

(e) Click on Messaging App 

A new window will appear that you list all the text apps that are available on your device including the new one you just downloaded.

If you only see the pre-installed message app, it means that your new app was not downloaded successfully.

But if you can find it in the list, click on the new text app and you are done, you can now return to your home screen.     

As soon as you do this, you will receive messages on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 through the new app. You can personalize it by using the cool features available to give you a better experience.

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Sep 15, 2017

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