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How To Block Pop Ups In Samsung Galaxy S6

How To Block Pop Ups In Samsung Galaxy S6

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S6, you may want to know how to block pop ups from showing up on your Galaxy S6. Below we’ll explain how to block pop up span in the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Samsung has a new enhanced feature that asks for you to share your profile features. If you decline to sign up for the service, the pop-up will keep showing up on the Galaxy S6. The good new is that you can block this popup from showing up again.



How to block pop ups on Samsung Galaxy S6

To make the spammy pop-ups go away on the Samsung Galaxy S6, just check the box agreeing to the terms and conditions, and then select the agree button. After agreeing to the terms and conditions, you can open the Contacts app and select on your own profile. Then select on the Profile sharing button and slide the toggle to off and you’ll disable the new enhanced features.



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