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How To Clear Cache On LG V30

How To Clear Cache On LG V30

After a while, your android smartphone can feel a bit sluggish or unresponsive. Luckily, Android operating systems are built to anticipate this kind of problem. The LG V30 is no exception. There are ways to go about these issues, that is, to either do complete a factory reset or a cache wipe. The easiest and less detrimental to your LG V30 is to do a proper cache wipe. It should resolve most issues like delays, glitches or freezes. The following instruction is a step-by-step guide on how to clear the LG V30 cache.

What Is the Cache and What Does it Do?

The LG V30 has two distinct types of cache. One is the app cache and the second is system cache. Every app on the LG V30 has its very own cache. This cache functions as temporary data so that it can be accessed almost instantaneously when transitioning between apps. Although the system cache on the LG V30 has similar uses, it is meant for the entire android operating system and not for any specific app. So for any problems arising from the operation of a particular app, it would be advisable just to clear the cache of the that certain app to fix these issues.

How to Clear the App Cache on the LG V30

If the issues are being caused by a particular app, it would be optimal to just clear the specific app’s cache. You can do so by performing these steps:

  1. First, make sure your LG V30 is turned on
  2. Next, go to Settings and then to the App Manager
  3. Choose the app whose cache needs to be cleared
  4. After choosing the app,  locate the app info screen
  5. Tap Clear Cache
  6. To be able to clear the cache for every app, simply go to Settings and then to Storage
  7. Press Cached Data to remove all cache from every app at the same time

As a bit of a warning, pressing the Clear Data button removes all the stored information from that app like passwords, saved game files, and other settings that you might have set for that app.

What to do When Clearing the App Cache Doesn’t Help?

When you have finished clearing the cache of a particular app and the same issues still persist, the appropriate next course of action would be to remove the app and restart the phone. WARNING: backup your data before rebooting the LG V30. If even after the reboot of your LG V30, you are still experiencing any type crashing or freezing, do a system cache wipe or what is commonly referred to as clearing the cache partition on the LG V30.

If the issues are still around, your ultimate option is restore the LG V30 to its factory settings.

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Oct 30, 2017

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