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How To Fix Apple iPhone 10 Screen won’t Rotate Problem

How To Fix Apple iPhone 10 Screen won’t Rotate Problem

Apple iPhone 10 is one of the most sought-after and premium smartphone series out there; millions of users appreciate it. Unfortunately, they aren’t perfect. Sometimes, issues appear that the Apple iPhone 10 users have to solve themselves or send back to Apple store to get fixed. One of the common problems that are faced by plenty of users is the gyro sensor in the iPhone.

You need to read through the troubleshooting tips mentioned below to get it fixed if you notice that your Apple iPhone 10 screen won’t rotate. It’s not difficult to solve the screen rotation issue on your Apple iPhone 10 all you need to do is read the instructions provided below, and we hope that you have the problem solved.

Hard Reset Your Apple iPhone

Performing a hard reset on your Apple iPhone 10 is one of the most successful methods for fixing the screen rotate problem. Make sure you backup the phone before performing a hard reset because this process removes all existing data, apps, and phone settings. You can do a self-test on your iPhone to check whether your gyroscope is working before you fixed the problem through a hard reset.

You need to access the dialer app and then dial the following code: *#0*# to perform a self-test. This process will take you to the service screen. Your network provider may have disabled the option to access the service screen in some cases. Therefore, you may need to reset your Apple iPhone 10 to factory defaults if this is the case. You can read this guide if you’d like to learn how to reset your device to factory defaults. You may also contact your network provider to see if they can fix the gyroscope problem for you before doing a reset.

Hit your Apple iPhone 10 with the back of your hand if the above method did not work. Make sure you don’t hit the phone aggressively so that you do not damage it. This process gives your Apple iPhone a jolt and can sometimes unstick the gyroscope hardware.

Our recommendation is to go ahead and hard rest the Apple iPhone 10 listed earlier in the article while all the above method work.

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