How To Fix Black Screen Issue On Apple iPhone 10

Users of the iPhone 10 have claimed to experience an intermittent issue where their smartphone suddenly blacks out immediately they power on their device.

In this case, the buttons light up, but the display screen remains blank without any image appearing on the screen.


There are random times when the screen goes blank as well, and if it stays in sleep mode for an extended period, it may fail to wake up.


There are a few methods you can utilize to repair the iPhone 10 black screen issue. All you have to do is follow the steps highlighted below, and you will be able to solve the iPhone 10 black screen issue permanently.

Boot to Recovery Mode and Wipe Cache Partition on iPhone 10

The guide below will boot your iPhone 10 and take it into Recovery Mode

Plug in your iPhone 10 to the computer and launch iTunes

After connecting your iPhone 10 to your computer, activate LINKforce restart


(Hold down the Home and Sleep/Wake button for about ten seconds until you can see the Apple logo on the screen. Keep pressing both buttons until the recovery mode screen pops up)


When you scroll down to the Restore or Update option, click on Update. iTunes will aim to reinstall the existing Ios without wiping your data. Take your time as the iTunes downloads the appropriate software for your device.

Factory Reset Apple iPhone X

If you cannot get rid of the problem after trying the steps above, the appropriate action to carry out is a factory reset on your device. Check out this guide to learn how to perform a factory reset on your iPhone 10. It is important to note that before performing a factory reset on your smartphone, you should backup all files on the smartphone so that you do not lose your data.

Get Technical Support

If the black screen issue is still affecting your display screen after performing the numerous steps highlighted above, it is highly suggested that you head back to the point of purchase to return the iPhone 10 so that any defective features can be analyzed and fixed. If default factory defects are encountered, you are eligible to receive a new smartphone.

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