How To Fix Apple iPhone 10 Self-Restart Issues

Posted by Sam Summers on October 3, 2018

Have you been a victim of spontaneous reboots with your iPhone 10? Luckily for you, we are here to help you fix such problems. Many iPhone 10 users have claimed that their smartphone suddenly reboots by itself several times during the day and they cannot lay a finger on the cause of such erratic behavior. In this post, we will offer you tips on how to solve the spontaneous reboots that you are experiencing your iPhone 10.


It is important to note that if you do not want to waste time with troubleshooting or to take it to a technician, then you can activate the warranty option at the point of purchase to have it replaced immediately.


This option represents the best way to save money when fixing your iPhone 10, especially if the smartphone has suffered severe damage. You should also consider calling Apple Support or taking your iPhone to the nearest Apple Center so that the staff can check for freezing or rebooting issues.


Another likely reason for your iPhone 10 to behave in this manner is if there is a third party application which is supported by your iPhone 10. This will no doubt result in unexpected crashes. A faulty battery can also contribute to freezing and reboot issues if the battery cannot keep up with the demands of the smartphone.


Bad firmware tends to cause spontaneous crashes also. Without further ado, let us introduce two efficient options through which you can solve the spontaneous reboots occurring on your iPhone 10.

Your iOS Version causes the Spontaneous reboot of your iPhone 10

A common reason why the iPhone 10 reboots or restarts itself can be due to the introduction of the new firmware. We advise that owners carry out a processing plant reset on their smartphone. Before proceeding to the manufacturing plant reset, you need to reset the iPhone 10 to clear the resetting issues on the smartphone and copy all vital information off your iPhone 10.

This process is crucial because once you finish the iPhone 10 plant reset all the data on your iPhone 10 will be wiped.

Third Party Application is the cause of spontaneous restarts

For users who do not understand what the Safe Mode is, the Safe Mode is an alternate mode that puts your iPhone 10 in a domain where you can uninstall third-party apps and delete bugs.


The incredible part of Safe Mode is that if any of the apps do not work anymore when you activate the Safe Mode option, you can continue using Safe Mode especially if the iPhone 10 keeps restarting itself.

How to Activate Safe Mode on your iPhone 10

1. Long press both the Power and Home buttons until the screen turns black. Remove your finger from the Home button but continue pressing the Power button

2. When the Apple logo comes up, long press the Volume Up button until the springboard loads

3. Once Safe Mode is activated, the changes will be removed from the Settings menu

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