How To Fix LG G6 Not Charging Problem

One of the most frustrating experiences in the modern technology world has to be having a mobile device that works perfectly, except that it won’t charge! Unfortunately no smartphone models are immune from developing charging problems, including the LG G6. If your LG G6 won’t charge, fortunately, there are several simple steps you can take to try to resolve the problem without having to replace the phone. Often, LG G6 charging issues are caused by software problems or problems with the charger or cable, and you can avoid having to repair or replace your phone.

The most common causes of LG G6 charging problems are:

  • Power connectors on the LG G6 or on the battery are broken or bent.
  • The removable battery is damaged.
  • The USB charging cable or wall adapter is damaged.
  • A temporary software problem on the phone.\

Charger and Charging Cables

The first thing to check in troubleshooting why your LG G6 is not charging properly is the charging cable and the charging unit. You can test your charger and cable with another Android phone or mobile device – just plug it in and see if the other device charges. If it doesn’t charge, then you know the issue is with your cable or your charging unit – a much easier (and less expensive) fix than a problem with your phone itself.

Reset LG G6

Sometimes the LG G6 charging problem can be fixed with a simple software reboot. This can be a fix to any software problems, but it won’t fix any hardware related charging issues on the LG G6. Read the LG G6 reset guide here.

Clean USB Port

Sometimes the LG G6 charging issue can be caused by something blocking the USB port. Small debris or dirt can build up in the LG G6 charging port and this could stop the device from charging. You can easily clean the USB port by using a straightened out paper clip or a small needle. Carefully scrape any dirt or debris out of the charging port, then test to see if the LG G6 can now be charged.

Get Support From Authorized Technician

Can’t fix the LG G6 charging problem after following the tips above? Your best bet may be to contact an authorized LG technician. If there are any serious issues with your LG G6, an LG technician can locate the problem and repair your device.

Do you have any other tips or techniques for resolving charging problems on the LG G6? Share them with us in the comments!

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