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How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Email Not Working Properly

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Email Not Working Properly

There is no point in owning a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 that is connected to the internet without being able to access your email app whenever you want. Whether it is a work or personal account, the inability to get your email promptly, being unable to delete spam mails, or being unable to sync your email accounts is unacceptable.

We are here to offer solutions to these respective problems. Usually, it is uncommon to encounter this problem, but when it happens it can be very annoying. Below is a detailed guide on how to fix the email issues affecting your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 by yourself.

Top Tips To Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Email Problems

  1. If it is your work email, let a professional software engineer handle the problem
  2. Attempt to delete the email account and reconfigure it from the start
  3. Try using a different email app that is not the stock version
  4. Wipe the cache on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9

A problem that you are not familiar with is best dealt with by professionals who are more adept at fixing unusual problems. So, if the issue is with your work email, you need to get in touch with your company’s IT department and ask for their experienced input on how to solve the problem.

If the issue is with your personal email account, try to remove the login details and read the email from scratch manually. The alternative to doing this is for you to configure your account via a third-party app like Outlook, Mailbox, or Gmail.

The last option to consider is wiping the cache. Make sure that you have tried changing the app and refreshing the account before trying to clear your smartphone’s cache partition.

  1. Shut down your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 completely
  2. Hold down the Volume Up, Power, and Home buttons simultaneously
  3. When the Android logo pops up on your screen, this means you have successfully booted to Recovery Mode so you can release all the buttons
  4. Use the Volume Down button to navigate the Recovery Menu until you locate the Wipe Cache Partition Menu
  5. Once you have located it, select the Wipe Cache Partition Menu with the Power button

The cache deletion process will be completed after a few seconds and you can use the Power and Volume Down button to activate the Reboot System Now option.

Your Galaxy Note 9 will reboot to the normal operation mode and you can expect the email app to start working properly again. If you are still having issues, then there is no other option but to perform a factory reset the device.

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