The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Will Reach Insane Data speeds on T-Mobile’s network

The Galaxy Note 9 will be operating on super speed modes when it comes to network connectivity. Samsung added some interesting specs to its latest flagships that we all know about but there’s more.
The internal model of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9were equipped to run on the fastest networks, including T-Mobile. This means that the Galaxy Note 9 can reach an incredible download speed of 1.2Gbps on T-Mobile’s network.
This is no surprise as T-Mobile is considered the fastest network in the United States. The Galaxy Note 9 was specially equipped with the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 chipset that integrates seamlessly with T-Mobile’s 600MHz spectrum.
The collaboration is part of the Gigabit LTE network T-Mobile has been working on over the past five years with the implementation of carrier aggregation, 4×4 MIMO, and 256QAM. It has since deployed an advanced LTE network in over 5,000 towns and cities across the United States.
The theoretical top speed of 1.2Gbps of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 shows a 20% increase on the output of the Samsung Galaxy S9. Regularly, you might not be able to hit the top speed but the average speed of the browsing and download speeds will be significantly higher than former Samsung models.
T-Mobile did not provide a particular number for the average speed due to different locations and their varying data speeds.
As at August 16, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has been available for purchase so T-Mobile users can take advantage of this new flagship to enjoy awesome data speeds anywhere in the United States.
The Galaxy Note 9 is being sold at a price of $1000. The smartphone is available via T-Mobile’s installment plan.
T-Mobile is currently offering a trade-in program to customers for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 which can help them save up to $360 with a qualifying trade-in service.

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