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How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus GPS Not Accurate Problem

Do you own a Samsung Galaxy S9 that has a GPS tracking problem? If your answer to this question is a simple yes, then there is no need to panic because this would have been worse if it was only your device experiencing this problem. But that is not the case, the fact is, there are a lot of Samsung Galaxy S9 users who are also experiencing the same problem.
The best way to help yourself fix this problem is by reading this simple guide to the end. If you are having an accuracy issue with your GPS, then you definitely want to fix it, directions and locations wouldn’t be accurate at all

Change The GPS Settings To Allow For High Accuracy Mode

Assuming that you are going to attempt and fix this problem on your own, you should learn a few things first. The simplest of all methods would be to try and change the GPS settings to allow for High Accuracy Mode. The High Accuracy Mode gives your Galaxy S9 a boost to utilize more resources hence will display accurate details. To set the High Accuracy Mode, you need to follow the simple steps below:

  1. Go to your Home screen and open the Settings menu
  2. From your Settings, tap on Location
  3. Once the Location menu opens, turn on the High Accuracy mode feature

This simple procedure should suffice in fixing simple performance issues. However, if it doesn’t work, you should always have an alternative solution. Before you try out any other solution, you should check to make sure that a hardware problem is not responsible for the lack of GPS accuracy. If it is a hardware problem, none of these software solutions are going to work and you may be forced to take your device to a Samsung technician to help you fix it.

Perform A Test On The GPS Using The GPS Test App.

You can download and install this app from the Google Play Store. Once you have downloaded and installed the app, run it and check the results. The apps should notify you if your Galaxy S9 GPS is unable to pick up the same satellites as other smartphones in the same region. If this is the case, you will need to promptly contact your retailer for advanced troubleshooting solutions. However, if the GPS Test run gives you positive results, you can proceed to the steps provided below:

  • Enable the Power Saving Mode. This will ensure that you preserve battery power to be used when you really need to use the GPS for directions. Allowing your battery to work at full capacity might improve the performance and accuracy of the GPS
  • Locate all the apps using the GPS feature and then clear all their cache. To do that, go to settings then tap on Application Manager. In the Application Manager, clear the Cache
  • A more radical solution would be to perform a factory reset of your Galaxy S9 smartphone. Backup your data first before the factory reset. Go to Settings then hit on the Backup & Reset option then proceed to Reset Device. Select to Reset Everything

As we’ve mentioned previously, you need to contact a Samsung technician if none of these solutions work. You are probably dealing with a hardware issue on your Galaxy S9.

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