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How To Fix “Unfortunately, Your Calendar Storage Has Stopped” On Galaxy Note 9

How To Fix “Unfortunately, Your Calendar Storage Has Stopped” On Galaxy Note 9

There are many problems that you will come across in the process of using your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone but if we are to be frank, hardware problems are a lot more difficult to tackle than software.

This is why getting errors such as “Unfortunately, your Calendar storage has stopped” on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a more appreciable issue than a problem such as battery not charging.

The difference is, the former issue can be resolved easily because it is software issue but the latter can be more technical especially if it is anything to do with the faulty connectors on your device or a faulty battery.

Most, importantly, majority of software issues can be tackled personally on your own as opposed to hardware issues which require the intervention of a certified technician.

Back to the problem at hand, the Calendar app serves it purposes well especially to those who are well organized and planned. Such groups of people will definitely be startled by such an error unlike those who aren’t really fond of the Calendar app may choose to overlook it.

But even though you might not be such a great fan of the Calendar app, the error message should be a bother because it constantly blocks your Galaxy Note 9 screen.

Simply put, the “Unfortunately, your Calendar storage has stopped” error inconveniences everyone and now that we are on the same page, it is important that you learnt how to fix this problem on your own. But where do you start, you might ask, well, not to worry because we have already started.

Boot Into Recovery Mode To Wipe The Cache Partition Of The Galaxy Note 9

  1. Before you can boot into the Recovery Mode, you will need to turn off your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 first
  2. With your smartphone turned off, tap and hold the following buttons at the same time: Home, Volume Up, and Power
  3. Let go the power button when the Samsung logo appears on the screen
  4. Only let go of the home and volume up button when the Android logo appears on the screen
  5. At this point, you have entered the Recovery Mode so just relax without doing anything for one minute
  6. Now navigate through the available options using the Volume Down button
  7. To put into action a highlighted option, simply press on the power button
  8. Now that you know how to navigate and select an option, look for and activate the Wipe Data/Factory Reset option
  9. To confirm that you want to wipe data, press on the “Yes-Delete All User Data” option.
  10. Wait a short while for the process to complete
  11. Now you can Reboot System Now
  12. As soon as your device exits the Recovery Mode, you can return to the normal operating mode

It is not a guarantee that wiping the cache partition will help fix the “Unfortunately, your Calendar storage has stopped” error. This error might keep on displaying on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It is worth trying but since it has helped solved a lot of other software problems. If it proves to be unsuccessful, you may be facing a tougher choice to make.

Hard Reset Your Samsung Note 9

The choice would be to consider a hard reset. As expected it tends to wipe everything that it comes across on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone. After everything else, you will having a daunting task in your hands. This is because you will have to configure every setting from scratch. To save you some trouble, consider creating a backup which comes in handy in such situations.

You can learn all there is about backup from our previous posts. We have a specific post on how to hard reset the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. In rare cases everything up to this point fails to fix the “Unfortunately, your Calendar storage has stopped” error. You may have to address this problem to any authorized Samsung technician near you.

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Aug 15, 2018

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