How To Get Galaxy S7 Out Of Kids Mode

The new samsung Galaxy S7 has a feature that is called Kids Mode that will keep important documents, images and data safe when you give your smartphone to your kids. But if you have forgotten the Galaxy S7 PIN for Kids Mode, there is still a way to get it out without damaging the smartphone.

For those that want to know how to get Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edgeout of kids mode, this can simply be done by using the exit button and then enter the correct PIN number. When you restart your Galaxy S7, it it was previously in Kids Mode, it won’t go back to the standard mode. But if you have forgotten the Galaxy S7 PIN, the following will explain how to get Galaxy S7 out of Kids Mode without a PIN.


How To Exit Samsung Galaxy S7 Kids Mode Without PIN

If you have typed in the Galaxy S PIN wrong 5 times, then a message will show up saying “forgotten your PIN?” Once you see this message, select on it and they you’ll go directly back to the normal mode and out of Kids Mode without entering a PIN. But the next time you want to enter Kids Mode, you’ll be asked to enter a new PIN.

But sometimes there is an issue using this method to get Galaxy S7 out of Kids Mode. It has been reported that some Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge owners can’t use this method to get out of Kids Mode. This is why it’s recommend to write down the PIN somewhere or an easy PIN that you can remember.

This is why you should try and hide the ability to type in a PIN code to exit Kids Mode. The reason for this is because if they enter the PIN incorrectly 5 times to escape from Kids Mode, then there will be issues entering Kids Mode in the future.


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