How To Get Rid Of Apps Tray On Galaxy Note 9

Whether you are just purchasing a Samsung smartphone for the first time, or have been a regular user of the Samsung Galaxy Series smartphones, there is a noticeable feature that jumps at you from your first try.

For the same purpose of showing all your apps, the Galaxy Note 9 uses both the home screen (in which all its panels can be swiped with a finger) as well as the Apps tray (sometimes called the Apps drawer). If you were previously using an Apple device, this might seem confusing, as Apple’s iPhone products do not have the Apps Tray feature.

It can be a bit confusing as to why you need an Apps Tray when you can easily access your apps icons from the home screen which is just a few scrolls away from the home button. We do not have a definitive answer to this question, but it is obvious that the manufacturers anticipated that users might not appreciate the Apps Tray feature, so there is an option to disable this feature on the Galaxy Note 9.

A simple technique to get rid of this feature is through the Samsung Labs under the Settings app.

To Remove the Apps Tray from Galaxy Note 9

1. Swipe the Notification Panel downwards on the main screen, and then click on the gear icon to access the Settings menu
2. Click on the Advanced Features submenu from which you can navigate until you locate the Galaxy Labs entry icon
3. Click on the Galaxy Labs feature and make sure you select the ‘’Show All Apps on Home Screen’’ option as soon as you can
4. The toggle will have switched to the ON mode which will help you confirm that you have finished the process and then you can exit the settings

The Home screen will reload immediately, and all the icons on the home screen will reload, after which you can expect the Apps Tray to have disappeared from your Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Helping you learn how to remove the Apps Tray from your Galaxy Note 9 smartphone cannot be a worthwhile experience if we do not teach you how to reactivate this feature whenever you feel like. Bear in mind that all the steps highlighted above need to be repeated whenever you want to re-enable the Apps Tray on the Galaxy Note 9.

Follow the steps until you reach the toggle option and then switch the toggle button to OFF mode and you can be fully confident in your abilities to operate the Apps Tray function.

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There are numerous suggestions which are equally fascinating. Since the Apps Tray has been removed from the home screen of the Galaxy Note 9 and all apps can be checked on the home screen. We can bet that you want to reduce the number of apps and focus on the important parts, right?

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