How To Mute Google Pixel And Pixel XL

For those that own a Google Pixel or Pixel XL, you may want to know how to mute your smartphone. When you want to mute ring tones and other notifications sounds on the Pixel or Pixel XL you have several different options. Some want to know how to mute or silence a Pixel or Pixel XL because it helps avoid unwanted interruptions when you’re at school, in meetings, or other important moments.
In addition to the standard mute, silent and vibrate mode functions that is featured on most smartphones, the Google Pixel or Pixel XL have the ability to turn off sounds with simple motions and gestures which makes life much easier. Below we’ll explain how to mute a Google Pixel or Pixel XL.
Muting Pixel or Pixel XL with Regular Mute Functions
The quickest and easiest way to mute the Pixel or Pixel XL is to use the volume control button on the left side of the smartphone. All you need to do is hold down the button until it switches to silent mode. Another method to put Pixel or Pixel XL into Silent mode is by holding down the power button until your see the mute and vibrate options on the screen, then choose one of the two. The third method to get access to the mute/vibrate options from the sound settings by swiping down from the top of your screen.
Muting Pixel or Pixel XL with Motions and Gestures
A great way to mute the Pixel or Pixel XL is to use the motion controls enabled on the Pixel or Pixel XL. To enable the motions and gestures settings to mute sounds is by just turning the phone over and laying it on its face, or by placing your palm over the screen. You can access the Motions and Gestures controls from the My Device section on the Pixel or Pixel XL settings page.

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