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How To Never Save History On Galaxy S9 (Solution)

How To Never Save History On Galaxy S9 (Solution)

The Samsung Galaxy S9 has the ability to connect to the internet while offering the fastest download and upload speed available to users. This is appealing to many users as you can surf the Internet, and work fast or enjoy the pleasures of the online world without any interruption.
There are many users who would prefer that their data is not tracked by Google or any other sites that they are browsing on. Personally, I do not like leaving my browsing history unattended to after every browsing session.
Whatever you check on the internet is likely being tracked by online vendors, Google, or the website administrator.
Most browsers on the Samsung Galaxy S9 save passwords and login details in case you want to visit those particular sites later. To ensure that all your data and history from your previous sessions aren’t saved, you have to use a method that hides all your sensitive details from Google.
The best way to achieve this is by enabling the Private or Incognito Mode. These will not delete browser cookies, but it will keep every browsing session private. The steps below show how to make sure that your browsing history is never saved on the Galaxy S9.

Turning “ON” Private Mode on Samsung Galaxy S9

  1. Turn on your Samsung Galaxy S9
  2. Launch the Google Chrome Browser from the app menu or home screen
  3. Click on the triple dot at the top right corner of the screen
  4. Click on the ‘’New Incognito Tab’’ option. This will bring a blank page from which you can browse on private mode

There are many browsers available on Google Play Store that you can surf the Internet wit. This is without saving your browsing history. A personal favorite of mine is Dolphin Zero. It is one of the best-known browsers for browsing incognito on the Galaxy S9. You can download it here Dolphin Zero. Opera Mini also offers useful tools for enabling privacy mode.

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May 1, 2018

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