How to Repair Your iOS Update Issues at Home

Your iPhone is the most important gadget you own. From live navigation to your destination to cashing out at the grocery store, you never leave home without your iPhone in your pocket. Of course, like any computer, your iPhone might run into issues when it comes to updating the software on your device. Whether you’ve recently updated your phone to newest official version of iOS, or you tried out the latest beta from Apple and you’re looking to downgrade back to iOS 12, it’s easy and simple to fix update issues right from your home—as long as you have the right tools at your disposal. Let’s dive in.

Fixing Your iPhone at Home

No one wants to deal with customer support, whether over the phone or in person. While Apple allows anyone to bring their iPhone or iPad into an Apple Store for service, it can be costly and time-intensive—especially if you don’t live close to an Apple Store. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways for those looking to repair their iPhone’s software right at home, and that all starts with using the right tools for your device. At TechJunkie, we’ve been extensively using dr.fone, an excellent suite of tools for Windows and macOS that are perfect for managing your iPhone woes without having to wait for a repair team.

From transferring data between your old and new devices to backing up your data locally, dr.fone makes it simple to manage iOS right from your computer. It’s never been easier to switch to a new phone, erase the data off your old device, and even recover data from a damaged device.

Of course, that’s not all that dr.fone can do. Thanks to its powerful repair tools, the app makes it easy to help fix your phone if something goes wrong during an update. Likewise, if you tried out the iOS 13 beta on your phone only to find it too buggy for daily use, you can use dr.fone to roll back to iOS 12. Let’s take a look at just two examples of how dr.fone can save you time and money, all while fixing your phone in the process.

Repairing Your iOS Update Problems

Normally, updating your iPhone is a pretty simple process. You plug your phone in every night and iOS takes care of the rest, downloading and updating in the background. The next morning, you have a new version of iOS, complete with bug fixes or new features courtesy of Apple. Of course, as with any computer, updates can cause issues. If something goes wrong during an update, your iPhone can end up unable to boot, or stuck in recovery mode.

While connecting your iPhone to iTunes can solve some of these problems, you’ll have to completely restore your iPhone to fix them—clearing your data in the process. Thankfully, dr.fone can repair your phone without putting your device at risk, allowing you to move past the Apple logo boot screen or boot out of recovery mode and back to your home screen. Everything is done with just a few clicks in the software, and it only takes a few minutes of your time, saving both your data and a trip to the Apple Store.

Downgrading to iOS 12 from the iOS 13 Beta

Solving update issues is great, but if you’ve ever checked out an iOS beta version, you know that the stability of those beta versions can be pretty volatile. iOS 13 is a pretty big update in a lot of ways though, especially for iPad with the release of iPadOS. If you installed iOS 13 on your iPhone or iPad and you’re ready to head back to iOS 12, it can be tough to manage without software like dr.fone. Downgrading an iOS device is always a tricky matter, but thankfully, dr.fone makes it easy with their Repair software.

With dr.fone, you can take your iOS 13 device, fully backup your data, and safely downgrade your device back to iOS 12. Unlike iTunes, dr.fone provides a one-click downgrade option without data loss. Plus, there’s no need to jailbreak your device—everything is handled directly with your Windows or macOS computer.

Development team Wondershare (the makers of dr.fone) have a whole guide on downgrading your phone from iOS 13 back to the safety of iOS 12, and in addition to an in-depth look at what goes into taking your phone from the iOS beta back to the public release of iOS 12, they’re also giving away 24 free licenses for dr.fone at this link to help iOS users manage their devices right from their computer. All you need to do is participate in the comments section on their guide to be automatically entered to win a copy now through September 30th, 2019.


With Apple and other major tech companies often making it harder to take repairs into your own hands, it’s more important than ever to have software suites like dr.fone for data recovery, system update fixes, and of course, downgrading from a buggy beta back to the stable version of iOS. When it comes to repairs, dr.fone is absolutely a must-have piece of software, capable of helping you copy data, switch to a new device, and repair system errors that spring up from updates and more. If you’ve ever ran into an issue with your iPhone or iPad, dr.fone is the tool for you.

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