How To Set Alarm Clock On Apple iPhone X

Posted by Reid Salazar on October 31, 2017

An alarm clock can aid in developing a normal sleep pattern and maintaining a regular schedule. Fortunately, your iPhone X enables you to experience the health benefits of having an alarm clock. Not only does the iPhone X Alarm clock does help you develop a great sleeping pattern, it also does a good work in waking you up or reminding you of important occasions. It can also function as a stopwatch which is very beneficial when you are into sports or any kind of physical activities. In addition to its convenience is snooze feature that’ll help you be on time especially when you’re traveling to a place with a different time zone, which will surely disrupt your sleeping pattern. Below, we’ll be teaching you how to configure the alarm clock of your iPhone X.

Managing the Alarm

The first step in creating an alarm is by opening your Clock app > go to Alarm> press on the “+” sign located at the upper right of your screen. Configure the following options to your chosen settings

  • Time Press the up or down arrows in order to what time your phone will alarm. Press the AM/PM to pick the time of day.
  • Alarm repeat Press the days you want your alarm to be active. To enable to repeat the alarm weekly, tick on the Repeat weekly box.
  • Alarm type Choose what manner you want your alarm to be played. (Vibration, Sound, or Sound and Vibration.)
  • Alarm tone Pick the music file you desired to be played once your alarm is set in motion.
  • Alarm volume Move the slider to the left if you want to minimize the sound or to the right if you want it to be loud as possible.
  • Snooze Tap on the Snooze Toggle to turn it ON or OFF. Press Snooze to modify its settings, and to be able to pick an INTERVAL (3, 6, 10, 16, or 30 minutes) and REPEAT (1, 2, 3, 6, or 10 times).
  • Name You can assign a name for your alarm, whether it’s the time for your vitamins or the time you’ll be waking up. It’ll pop up on your screen once it’s activated.

Disabling the Alarm

Tap then swipe it off to disable the alarm.

Removing the Alarm

Head down for the alarm menu if you want to remove an alarm in your iPhone X. Afterwards, tap on the Edit sign located on the upper left of your screen.

Once done, press on the red sign beside the alarm you want to delete then lastly, press the Delete button.


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