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How To Solve Crashing And Freezing Problem On Huawei P10

How To Solve Crashing And Freezing Problem On Huawei P10

Some people have complained that their Huawei P10 keeps on freezing and crashing from time to time irrespective of the types of apps being run. Worry not because we will show you how to fix this problem on your Huawei P10 smartphone.
Your Huawei P10 will freeze or crash due to a number of reasons. Update your Huawei P10 prior to fixing the problem using the methods provided below. Once you have updated to the latest software, follow the instructions provided below if any other apps continue crashing or freezing.
Deletion of bad apps from your Huawei P10
Since a few faulty third party apps have been found to cause the freezing, it is recommended to read any reviews written about them to find out if other users of the same app are complaining of the same problems. The app developer has the responsibility of stabilizing and improving their apps because Huawei cannot improve or stabilize third party apps. Delete the faulty apps if the developer does not provide an improved version.
Fix memory problem
Apps might also start crashing and freezing if you haven’t restarted you Huawei P10 phone in a long time. This happens due to a memory glitch. Turning your Huawei P10 on and Off can help to solve the memory glitch issue and hence prevent the apps from crashing and freezing. If this does not fix the problem, then follow the steps provided below;

  1. Go to the Homescreen and click on Apps
  2. Select Manage Applications. Swipe to the right or to the left to locate the Manage Applications option.
  3. Select to Clear Data
  4. Clear Cache

Factory reset your Huawei P10
If the exact problem causing the freezing and crashing cannot be pinpointed, you may have to carry out a factory reset of your Huawei P10. Factory reset can result to lose of all data which includes Google Settings. As such, you must back up all your data before performing the factory reset. To learn about factory reset, read here on how to factory reset the Huawei P10.
Lack of memory
If apps do not have enough memory, they become unstable and hence start to crash or freeze on your Huawei P10. To free up some memory, delete unnecessary apps or media files.

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