How To Solve No Service Error On Huawei P10 Smartphone

It is common to come across the No Service error on the new Huawei P10 smartphone. The No service error is also similar to the resulting error when the Huawei P10 is not registered on any network and as a result a No Signal error is displayed. You should read on how to restore IMEI number and fix no signal error, before proceeding further with this article since the article generally fixes No Service errors on your Huawei P10.
Causes of No Service Error on your Huawei P10
The major reason leading to the No Service error on your Huawei P10 is a turned off radio signal. The radio signal might turn off automatically sometimes whenever there are issues with the GPS or Wi-Fi.
Fixing No Service error on your Huawei P10:
Simply follow the steps we have outlined below to fix the No service error ony our Huawei P10 smartphone;

  1. Go to the phone dialer and type in the following code; (*#*#4636#*#*) NOTE: You do not need to press the send button because once the code is complete, it will bring up the Service Mode automatically.
  2. Go to the Service mode and locate the “Phone information” or Device Information
  3. Choose to Run Ping test
  4. Click on Turn Radio Off button after which your Huawei will restart
  5. Reboot your Huawei P10

Solve No Service by Fixing the IMEI Number
You should check to see if your IMEI number has been nulled because annulment of the IMEI sometimes causes the No Service error on your Huawei P10.
Try Changing the SIM Card
Sometimes an improperly inserted SIM might be the cause of the No Service error on your Huawei P10 smartphone. As such, it is recommend to remove the SIM Card and try re-inserting to see if you can be able to fix the No Service error. You may also have to try using a different SIM card on your Huawei P10 to solve No Service errors.

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