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Fixing Emojis Not Showing On LG G6

Fixing Emojis Not Showing On LG G6

For the new owners of the LG G6 smartphone, you are probably wondering why Emojis won’t show up on your LG G6 smartphone. There are many reasons why Emojis won’t show up on your device.

First is the software problem, whereby the installed software might not be compatible with the Emojis you are trying to use, or one’s you have received from a friend via texts. It is therefore important to understand that Emojis go with a program therefore will be offered through many different programs. To use Emojis installed on your default texting app, go to “menu” then hit “insert smiley”


The Operating System

It has probably come to your attention that some of your friends with the new LG device have got access to Emojis you probably don’t have. As such, it is advisable to check whether you have updated your device to the latest software.

You can check this by simply pressing on Menu-Settings- More- System Update- Update LG Software- Check Now and check whether an update is available for your LG G6. If it is available, you might be required to update to the latest version. This might as well solve your emoji problem.


Try different software

It is also possible that emojis won’t simply work on your LG G6 as a result of the difference in software that the sender of the message is using. For instance, a person using an iPhone that runs on iOS sends you a message on your LG G6 that runs on Android. This practically means that not all the emojis will be the same and if you exchange messages, some emojis will simply not display. This is because of the software compatibility issue.

A 3rd party texting application might also be a case question whereby the app might have emojis that are simply not supported by Android’s default text app used on your LG G6, which basically means that the emojis won’t display.

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