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How To Stop Samsung Galaxy S5 From Dimming

How To Stop Samsung Galaxy S5 From Dimming

For those that own a Samsung Galaxy S5, you may want to know to make the Galaxy S5 screen from dimming. The great thing is that you can customize your Galaxy S5 to meet their needs, and one preferences that is different for each person is how long the screen timeout period lasts and reducing dimming on the Samsung Galaxy S5.

The Galaxy S5 screen dims after not being used for some time and eventually turns off to save battery life. The standard setting on the Galaxy S5 is about 30 seconds before the screen dims. If you want to know how to keep the screen on longer for the Galaxy S5, we’ll explain below. It’s important to note, that the longer the Galaxy S5 screen stays on, the more battery it will use.



How to stop Galaxy S5 screen dimming

To be able to change the length of time the screen on the Galaxy S5 will stay on, you need to go to the Settings of the smartphone. Then browse for the display section, and change the amount of time for the timeout screen. You have the option to change the length of time anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes or more before the Galaxy S5 screen turns off automatically. Again, it’s important to note that the higher time, the screen for the Galaxy S5 is kept on, the larger impact to the battery life it’ll have.Now just select the setting or option that works best for you and you’re all done. Now the Samsung Galaxy S5 screen will only dim and timeout after the amount of inactivity you choose.
Also, the “Smart Stay” feature for the Galaxy S5 is in the same menu. Smart Stay will allow the smartphone to actively turn the display ON and OFF based on eye recognition. The way that Smart Stay works is the eye tracking is based on the front sensors of the Galaxy S5 camera which can recognize when the user looks away and dim or turn off the display, then turn back on once you glance back at the screen.



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