How To Turn OFF And ON Automatic App Updates On LG G7

Your LG G7 flagship has a lot of built-in apps and has room for more apps that you can download and install from the Google Play Store. It would be useful then for new users to learn how to stop these apps from automatically updating without your confirmation and also to prevent mobile data usage.

Having a lot of update notifications from Google Play Store can tick off some users so the best option here is to set the G7 to auto-update apps. It is great to know that setting this up is quick and easy. You can also set it to update once connected to Wi-Fi Only. This would save on precious mobile data and avoid paying for excess data usage.

How to Turn Off and On Automatic Updates

It is your choice to either enable or disable app updates for your G7. You can set all of these up on Google Play Store. We show you a step by step guide below that you can follow:

  1. Turn on your LG G7
  2. Tap on the Google Play Store icon
  3. Click on the top left (3-lines) menu button beside the “Play Store”
  4. A slide-out menu will pop up on your screen and then “Settings”
  5. In your General Settings, Tap on “Auto Update apps”
  6. This is where you can choose to “Auto Update Apps” or “Do not auto-update apps”

We remind you that if you choose the disable auto update apps option you will keep on getting notified of new apps that need to be updated and updating them will also need your confirmation as well. This can be a tedious process for some especially when you have a lot of apps on your phone especially on a flagship device like the G7.

Keeping Auto-Update ON or OFF on LG G7

This decision really depends on the user. For ordinary users who would forget to update apps at times, it is best to keep this option turned On. This will avoid times when apps may malfunction because you have forgotten to install the latest updates for them. One downside to leaving this option On is you may not notice what feature of the app is new since you would not get to read the new features that usually flashes when performing an update.

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