How To Turn On Intelligent Scan On Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Intelligent Scan is a feature that allows the users of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to unlock their phones with their eyes and face. The defaults unlock methods for the Galaxy Note 9 includes iris scanning, facial recognition, and fingerprint scanning.
However, when you enable the Intelligent Scan on your Galaxy Note 9 smartphone, you can use a combination of both face recognition and iris scanning to unlock your device.

How To Set Up Intelligent Scan On Samsung Galaxy NOTE 9

1. Turn on your Galaxy NOTE 9, launch the Settings app and access the Intelligent Scan feature
2. Click on Lock Screen and Security option
3. Under the Biometrics option, click on Intelligent Scan. If you do not have an existing PIN number, your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will prompt you to create one
4. Once the verification screen pops up, tap the Continue button
5. Register your facial features by holding your phone between 8-20 inches from your phone, and then click on Continue. Make sure that your face is in between the circle on your Galaxy Note 9 screen
6. After completing this process, register your irises as well. It is recommended that you perform this process indoors. The Galaxy Note 9 might prompt you to remove your glasses or contacts, although this is not often the case with contacts
7. Center your eyes to the middle of the circle on your screen
8. Turn on the Intelligent Scan feature after registering both your face and irises
9. The last step is for you to toggle the Intelligent Scan unlock on as well as the Screen-on Intelligent Scan
Once the Intelligent scan feature has been enabled, you can easily choose from any of the options when unlocking your Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The ease of use when it comes to facial recognition ensures that your device has the highest form of security to prevent intruders from accessing your Galaxy smartphone.

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