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How To Turn On Wi-Fi Calling On The Samsung Galaxy Note 9

How To Turn On Wi-Fi Calling On The Samsung Galaxy Note 9

There is still a wide range of features that we have not fully exploited on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and one of them is the Wi-Fi calling feature. Wi-Fi calling facilitates calls using the Wi-Fi connection instead of the normal wireless network providers.

You will find it a lot suitable to use Wi-Fi calling especially where there is a weak mobile data carriers signal but a strong Wi-Fi signal. If the idea of Wi-Fi calling enthralls you, we are going to share some tips on how you can enable and start using this feature on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone for various service carriers.

Enable Wi-Fi Calling On Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – AT&T

  1. To begin, let us head into the Apps folder
  2. Tap on the Settings then Connections
  3. In the Connections settings, select Wi-Fi calling feature
  4. Now turn On this Wi-Fi calling option and you have finished the first stage

Enabling the Wi-Fi calling feature will redirect your internet calls from the AT&T data connection to the Wi-Fi network connection and this helps in times of a poor signal or network outages.

Turn On Wi-Fi Calling On Verizon Galaxy Note 9

The previous step was for those Galaxy Note 9 users who are subscribed to AT&T wireless service provider but in this section we are going to deal with enabling Wi-Fi connection for Verizon subscribed users. The steps are slightly different but generally here is what you will need to do;

  1. From your home screen, head into the Apps folder and tap on Settings
  2. In the Settings menu, select on Connections and open the Advanced calling feature
  3. Choose to Activate Wi-Fi calling

In some cases you will require to enter an emergency address. And when that prompts shows up, just provide one to proceed and complete the process. If you are subscribed to T-Mobile, MetroPCS or Cricket, follow the same steps as those for AT&T.

But if you do not want to go back, just look at the specific carriers provided below;

Enable Galaxy Note 9 Wi-Fi Calling for MetroPCS, T-Mobile and Cricket.

  1. Go to the Apps folder from your home screen
  2. Tap on the Settings to bring up the Settings menu
  3. In the Settings menu, tap on Connections then select the Wi-Fi calling option
  4. Turn ON the Wi-Fi calling feature and you will have completed the process. You can exit the menus and start making Wi-Fi calls

Wi-Fi calling comes in handy in many cases because not only does it help to keep connected even with a poor service carrier signal but it also saves your mobile internet data bundles which would otherwise drain a lot quicker if used to make Wi-Fi calls.

If your wireless service provider is not in this tutorial, be sure to drop your query in the comments box. We  and we will do our best to provide you with relevant steps for enabling the Wi-Fi calling for that specific carrier as long as it supports this feature.


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