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How To Unlock the iPhone 6

How To Unlock the iPhone 6

The iPhone is a great piece of hardware, but sometimes, the plans we sign up for to use the phone on aren’t so great. With so many new and improved companies sprouting up looking to gain market share, there are a lot of options with who to go with as your cell phone carrier. However, unless you have an unlocked device, you are stuck to one single carrier, no matter how bad their pricing or deals may be. If only there was a way to unlock that phone so you can go with whoever you want in terms of a carrier? Well thankfully, there is.

Before getting into how to unlock your device, we will go over what unlocking your device is. Unlocking your device is essentially just making it so you can use your device with any carrier you want, as opposed to being locked in with a single one. The reasoning people may decide to unlock their devices will vary from person to person. Many times it has to do with changing carriers because of pricing or because one carrier has better coverage. Some also might unlock their phone before selling it in order to make it more attractive to potential buyers, as they will be able to take it to any carrier they want and use it. Some might even do a lot of traveling and might want the option to use an international SIM card in their device, which likely will not work if your phone isn’t unlocked.  This process is completely legal if you have finished paying the phone off, but if not, you may want to check with your carrier to ensure nothing negative will occur or you won’t be penalized for anything else.

Now that you know all about what unlocking your phone is and such, we can finally take a closer look at how you can actually go about doing it. The safest and arguably the best way to unlock your device is to contact your carrier and see if they can or will do it for you. Most carriers do allow for unlocking of devices, but a fee might come associated with that and your account might need to meet a few requirements to allow your phone to be unlocked. This process could take a few days and once your phone has been unlocked, you are free to take it to whatever carrier you want and use whatever type of SIM card that your heart desires.

However, if going to your carrier doesn’t work or simply isn’t an option for one reason or another, there are indeed other ways that you can unlock your device. One common way advertised is to use a software to unlock your device, but lots of the reviews out there says that this is a SCAM. Instead, do some research and see what options seem to work online. We have heard good things about using Doctor Sim, as they have unlocked millions of phones over the last decade and will give you your money back if you are not completely satisfied. Another common and highly regarded method is to use IMEI unlocking. This stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. Using this method basically makes it so your device is added to Apple’s global database of devices that can be used on any carrier. There are many different companies that offer this method, so do some research and see which is the best for you.

If you are able to use a new or different SIM card on your device, congratulations, you are now in possession of an unlocked phone! While these methods could work, be sure to know the risks involved before trusting some third party software or hardware from unlocking your device. It is a good idea to research which company, method or program has worked for others in a similar position to you. We can’t stress enough about how important doing research online and reading reviews on various methods is. Also, looking at online testimonials is a good way to see if a program is normally successful in unlocking devices, or if it doesn’t actually work at all.

Hopefully, this article has helped you better understand how to unlock your iPhone 6 or other device, but also helped you better understand what unlocking a device is, some pros and cons for it and more. Most of the time, having an unlocked phone is the way to go as you can seek out better deals and can also use SIM cards from other companies when you travel, which can save you a TON of money when it comes to roaming charges.

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