How To: Upload Photos and Video From Your Cell Phone

One of the “in” things to do online these days is lifestreaming. Lifestreaming is where you have an online record of your daily activities. You might use Twitter to share random thoughts throughout the day. You might snap photos or take videos and put them online. You’ll write blog posts. You’ll update your statuses in social networks like Facebook.

In a way, I do this. I blog regularly both here at PCMech and on I am a regular user of Twitter and have been known to send in “tweets” even while using my cell phone when I am not in the office. I use FriendFeed and love the site because it aggregates all of these various activities into a single feed.

One gaping hole for me, however, was in how to take advantage of the camera in my cell phone to post photos and/or videos while I’m the go. Well, I found an easy way to do it.

I am using a Palm Treo 700W. This is a pokey old Windows Mobile powered phone. I’m not too fond of it and the interface is pure crap when compared to something like the Iphone. But, it DOES have a camera and it is a smartphone. So, I should be able to post pictures to my Flickr gallery, right? Well, the answer is yes, but I didn’t know how to make the link easily.

Until I came across Shozu.

Picture 6 Shozu really helps your cell phone become an easy extension to your computer when it comes to lifestreaming. Some of the things you can do with Shozu include:

  • Upload photos and videos to the Internet. This includes posting to photo sharing sites, blogs or various social networks. You can even post videos to Youtube from your phone.
  • Get your friends photos automatically sent to your phone so you can see what they see.
  • Change your statuses across social networks
  • Geo-tag your photos (if you have integrated GPS)

A full list of sites supported by Shozu can be found here.

So, here is what I did to get set up and start sending photos to Flickr from my Palm Treo.

  1. On your phone, go to
  2. You’ll see a link to download the Shozu software. You will need to choose the model of phone you have.
  3. Install the software.
  4. Start the Shozu software.
  5. You’ll see an option for “Add Sites”. Click it. Choose the site you want to add (in my case, I chose Flickr).
  6. Enter your email address.
  7. In a few minutes, you will get an email from Shozu. You will need to click that link, set up an account on Shozu and then you will be promoted to authorize Shozu to access your Flickr account.
  8. Once set up, just go back to your phone, snap a photo. You’ll get an option to send it to Flickr, with ability to set the title, description and tags.

Shozu also allows you to set up “CC Sites”. CC is carbon copy (just like email) and this means you can set up ways to send the same photo, status update, etc to multiple sites simultaneously.

Have fun!

4 thoughts on “How To: Upload Photos and Video From Your Cell Phone”

Avatar vpk says: chev

Which is ur site URL???

And specify the details…..



Avatar ceo chev says: its being built rite now but need to know how would i be able to let my customers upload videos and pictures from there cell phone to there page on my social networking site my email is [email protected]
Avatar ceo chev says:
i have a social networking site but i need a program that would let people upload videos and photos to there personal page on my site. my site is like youtube and myspace
Avatar Neil says:
Hi David

Glad you like ShoZu, and thanks for the glowing endorsement. We are alwys interested on how we can make the service better, can’t promise to do everything, but the more feedback the better.



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