How To Use Gallery App to Edit Pictures on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

If you are a lover of pictures, the Galaxy Note 8 is the best smartphone that you can pick up. Most owners of this smartphone have been curious about how to edit their pictures on the Gallery app. The Samsung Note 8 is loaded with a preinstalled image editor that you can make use of to edit your pictures.
Making use of the Gallery App to Edit pictures

  1. Switch on your Galaxy Note 8
  2. Locate your Gallery App
  3. Click the picture that you wish to edit
  4. Look for some options located at the lower part of the screen; you can select the ‘edit’ option and then click on ‘photo editor.’ This will give you an array of options to pick from
  5. You can now edit your pictures the way you want

Features on the photo editor of the Gallery App
There are various features on the Photo Editor on your Galaxy Note 8. I’ll explain the purpose of these features below.

  1. Adjustment: this gives you options like the “Crop,” “Rotate,” and “Mirror”
  2. Tone: You can use this feature to increase and reduce the brightness, contrast, and saturation of an image
  3. Effect: Provides you with the Nostalgia, Saturation and Grayscale options that you can apply to your picture
  4. Portrait: provides you with options like the Red, Blur and some others
  5. Drawing: This activates the S pen tool that you can use to draw (You will need to download the SDK before you can use it)

This all you will need for now to edit your pictures on the Galaxy Note 8. Hope this helps you edit your photos and create amazing professional quality photos.

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