How To Use Magnifier On iPhone 10

Posted by Sam Summers on October 3, 2018





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Anyone who has been lucky enough to purchase the iPhone X has in one capacity, or the other has wondered about how to operate the zooming option in Magnifier on the iPhone 10.

The newly added magnifying functionality to the iPhone 10 provides users with the ability to magnify items on their iPhone screen by using the camera, similar to hovering over a menu.

You can easily and rapidly increase objects in size. With the instructions highlighted below, you will be able to confidently operate the iPhone Magnifier and make changes to the features to suit your preference.

How to Turn on Magnifier on iPhone 10

  1.   Turn on your iPhone 10
  2.   Launch the Settings app by swiping right and clicking on the General button
  3.   Scroll downwards and tap the Accessibility icon
  4.   Click on Magnifier
  5.   Toggle the Magnifier button to the right to turn it ON

After enabling the Magnifier feature, let us proceed to the Zoom feature and how you can use it.

  1.  Tap the side button thrice to launch Magnifier
  2.  The “-“ and “+” Magnifier icons will pop up at the bottom of the screen
  3.  You can decrease and increase the magnification ratio by moving the slider to the left or right

Below are lists of functions you can use the Magnifier to perform

  1.  Turning Flashlight from Magnifier
  2.  Change the Filter
  3.  Enable Auto-Brightness
  4.  Adjust Contrast and Brightness manually
  5.  Invert Colors and Filters
  6.  Enable Focus Lock
  7.  Take a Freeze Frame

Enable Auto-Brightness in Magnifier

With the Auto-Brightness function, the iPhone X camera can measure light levels and adjust the brightness accordingly.

  1.  Turn on your iPhone 10 and launch the Settings app, click on Accessibility
  2.  Click on Magnifier
  3.  Tap the switch beside the Auto-Brightness to turn it on or off

Turn On Flashlight from Magnifier

If you still can’t view anything item despite using the magnifier due to simplify lighting, turn on the flashlight so that you can have a better look at the subject.

  1.       Turn on your iPhone 10
  2.       Follow the usual steps and locate the Magnifier icon
  3.       Tap the lighting both icon within the Magnifier function to turn your flashlight on it off

Enable Focus Lock in Magnifier

The Focus lock feature is designed to help users view items easily despite low light conditions or when you are you using the back-lit screen of your iPhone 10 to check an object.

You can manually choose one section of the viewfinder to place the focus instant of having to change the autofocus routinely. When you have focused on the intended subject, click on the padlock icon to activate focus lock.

Take a Freeze Frame with Magnifier

Similar to you snapping a photo, Freeze Frame allows you to capture a still image while simultaneously using the Magnifier and Zoom features to enlarge or reduce the size as needed.

Clicking the center button on the bottom of the screen will freeze the frame, in a similar way to snapping a photo. You can zoom in or out with the zoom bar on the Freeze Frame just like you can with pictures. After doing that, tap the center button to exit the freeze frame function and return to magnification.

Adjust Brightness and Contrast Manually

If you still have difficulty outlining your subject, then balancing the contrast and brightness, can help a lot in better defining the subject. The filters button located at the bottom right corner provides users with access to brightness and contrast settings. The button is shaped like three circles.

Change Filters

Color filters can help you to define objects better against certain backgrounds. Simply click on the icon shaped like three gray circles to access the filters menu

Invert Colors and Filters

If you use a specific filter and it doesn’t give you the series effect of making your subject more visible, then inverting the color sequence could be helping by applying different color schemes.

The button left button under the filters menu will invert the settings. It is shaped in the form of two boxes linked by curved arrows

We hope you can better define objects features now that you are an expert at using the Magnifier feature of the iPhone 10.

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