Apple iPhone 10: How To Silence and Mute Device

Posted by Sam Summers on October 3, 2018

As a proud owner of the iPhone 10, the chances are that you are interested in learning how to mute ringtones as well as other notification tunes on your iPhone 10. The process involved in tweaking your ringtone functions is straightforward and we will learn how to perform these series of operations in this article.

An essential advantage of learning how to mute ringtones on your iPhone 10 is the ability to stay undistracted whenever you are at meetings, in school, or at other important events. The silent and mute functions are features that are easy to navigate around in order to have your phone streamlined to your needs.

You do not need to switch off your smartphone in places where there is need for silence. With the features on lockdown, you can decide the volume and vibration mode you want your iPhone 10 to be in at specific times.

Apart from the usual silent, mute, and vibrate sequences that are available on the iPhone 10, there are additional ringtone functions that can be achieved with simple gestures and motions on the iPhone 10 that make it easy to use and customize.

The instructions highlighted below will help you mute your iPhone 10 successfully.

Muting iPhone 10 with Conventional Mute Functions

The fastest and simplest way to mute your iPhone 10 is by using the volume control button that can be found on the left-hand side of your smartphone. All you have to do is to long press the volume down key until you have achieved a convenient volume or until the phone lowers to the silent mode.

Another method by which you can put your iPhone 10 into silent mode is by flipping the button above the Volume Down button to immediately silence your iPhone 10. This is a quick way to ensure that your smartphone is silenced automatically.

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