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How To Use Mobile Hotspot On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus

The mobile hotspot of Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus is a feature that not many users are aware of. But once they get to test it, most of them are quite excited. After all, having the option to share your mobile data with other devices, via Wi-Fi, just to support a secure Internet connection with the devices you want to allow is pretty awesome.

But the feature is so popular that all the big players out there, from HTC and Motorola to Huawei, Nexus, Lenovo, iPhone and many others are making it happen. Of course, to turn your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus into a portable Wi-Fi hotspot you would also have to have a mobile data plan that supports it.

Assuming you do, from today’s tutorial you are going to learn how to share your internet connection via a Wi-Fi hotspot anytime you want, only with the devices you want to take in! These steps will also work, with a few minor differences, for Samsung Galaxy S7, S6, S5 or S4 just as well.

By announcing you that using this mobile hotspot feature may come with some extra chargers, let’s officially get into details:


If you want to enable the mobile hotspot on your smartphone:

  1. Go to the Home screen;
  2. Tap on the Apps icon;
  3. Select Settings;
  4. Select the Mobile Hotspot and Tethering option;
  5. Select the Mobile hotspot (you will also see the USB tethering, that’s for sharing the internet with a PC, through a USB cable);
  6. In the newly opened window, tap on its status bar and switch it from Off to On;
  7. Tap on the MORE button from the top of the screen;
  8. From the context menu that will pop up, select the Configure Mobile Hotspot option;
  9. Configure the Wi-Fi hotspot name;
  10. Change the password if you prefer to use something more intuitive for yourself;
  11. When you’re ready, save the changes and leave the menus.


Now that you have officially activated the Galaxy S8 mobile hotspot, all you have to do is to start connecting other devices to it. Phones, tablets, computers, anything with a Wi-Fi feature should now be able to use the network name and the password you just set up to get wireless internet from your hotspot:

  1. Turn on the Wi-Fi on the device you’re trying to add to your network;
  2. Select the name of your Hotspot from the list of results that you will get;
  3. Type in the password and the two of them should almost instantly connect.


From now on, both the newly connected device and your smartphone will rely exclusively on your mobile data plan. If you have already set up some data usage limits, you should be just fine. Otherwise, keep an eye on your data usage stats to avoid ending up with significant extra charges.

If you couldn’t even identify the Hotspot option on your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus, perhaps your carrier isn’t allowing it through the data plan you currently have. Get in touch and ask about your options and what is it that you need to do in order to use mobile hotspot on Galaxy S8.


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Apr 3, 2017

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