How To Use The Beauty Mode On Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is regarded as one of the best smartphones available right now, and this is because of the powerful features that come with it which includes the fantastic camera modules. This camera modules have been designed to make your pictures look better and clearer.
One of the things you should know about the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is that it has wide-angle lenses that makes it very easy to take multiple shots at a time. Apart from this feature, there is another fantastic feature that comes with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 that is called the Beauty mode.
The Beauty mode feature is a standard feature on most smartphones that are available now which is also called the softening tool on Samsung mobile devices. However, Samsung has made sure that the preinstalled Beauty Mode feature that comes with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is more potent with more amazing features that will be discussed below

  1. The new Beauty Mode has a feature that makes your face look thinner
  2. Also, you can use the Large Eyes option to make your eyes look better and more enhanced
  3. You also have the Shape Correction option which makes it possible for you to edit the shape of the faces in the picture that looks unclear and blurry
  4. There is also the Skin Tone tool that you can use to conceal wrinkles on faces and soften the tone of the skin

For you to have access to the Beauty Mode option on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9, you will need to click on the icon on camera’s page, and a window will appear with the Beauty Mode options.
You can also apply the Beauty Mode features on a picture individually. For you to do this, you will need to click on the specific area of the picture that you will like to edit and then you will be able to use the features that have been explained above.
Other options that you can use include increasing and reducing the level of intensity of the options listed above.
If you have any question about this feature on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9, you can post it, and I will be glad to assist as soon as possible. You should also watch out for more articles about the fantastic features on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

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