When Will Hytale Be Released?

Hytale might as well be called “Hypetale” thanks to the amounts of hype it generated since it was announced in December 2018. The official announcement trailer sits at 50 million views at the moment, which is a pretty good indicator of the interest people have in this upcoming game.

Developers simply couldn’t expect such incredible interest for their game and they are probably under a lot of pressure to deliver on their promises. The release date is still not certain, as you may know, if you have searched for it on YouTube.

We will save you from the release date clickbait, but read on for more details about Hytale.

How to Sign up for Hytale

In case you haven’t already, you should really sign up for Hytale when the beta version of the game finally goes live. Nobody knows for sure when it’s going to happen, but it should be in the very near future.

This is just a guess, but the game might come out this December (2019) because it will be exactly a year apart from the release trailer. If you haven’t seen the trailer, click on the link above and see it right now because it is awesome.

The trailer is just a sneak peek of what’s about to come and it looks very promising, to say the least. There will be plenty of stuff to do in the game, but players will also have access to modding tools which means the possibilities are limitless.

We’ll talk about the game in the next section, but right now you should sign up. Follow the link to the official website, and provide your email address. Those are the only requirements. Hytale will let you know when the beta is finally ready.

hytale landscape

More About Hytale

If you are not part of the hype already, here’s a heads up. Hytale is a sandbox game, very similar to hits like Terraria and Minecraft. You probably know about Minecraft and its cult following. Well, Hytale seems to have a cult following of its own, despite the fact it is still in the development phase.

Millions of people have subscribed for the beta, which probably made the developers very happy, though worried at the same time. They need to be up to the task if they want a game as successful as Minecraft. They actually had a Hypixel Minecraft server before they started making the game.

Their company, Hypixel Studios has been working on Hytale since 2015. These are all fun facts, but what about the gameplay? It’s is about gathering materials, crafting items, going into dungeons filled with monsters and slaying them for glory and loot.

hytale dungeon boss

The best part is the moding experience, which will also be available. People will be able to make up their own stories and add a ton of creative content to the game.

Additional Information

There is still very little info about Hytale. The developers haven’t specified pretty much any details yet. The pricing is still unknown, though we can only hope that it will come with a one-time fee, and without micro-transactions.

Maybe it will even be free to play, but nobody can say for sure. System requirements haven’t been announced, either. However, the devs said they will release the game for Mac and PC, although game servers should run on Linux also.

Mobile and console versions haven’t been confirmed yet, but who knows, if the game explodes, it will surely be ported to other platforms. We doubt that the game will require high-end computers, but the graphics will surely look nicer on those.

In-Game Experience

What does Hytale have to offer in-game? Well, for starters, the customization options look promising. You will be able to customize your characters down to the tiniest details. Items will also have many design options and variations.

hytale characters

Crafting also looks promising, which is very important for game progression. Next, this game is going to have a ton of lore, and that is never a bad thing if you are into role-playing games.

Confirmed NPC factions include Trorks and Kweebecs, and they seem to be on the opposing sides. Trorks will be your fierce enemies, while Kweebecs seem as possibly friendly creatures who may aid you.

hytale trork

Randomly generated animals and plants will be a huge part of the experience. This game will possibly feature hunting for resources, as well as some dangerous animals you will have to track down and fight.

Of course, dungeons wouldn’t be dungeons without boss fights. Bosses will be there at the end of each dungeon, offering you great loot for which you’ll have to kill them.

Hytale will feature easy-to-join community servers and, hopefully, their operation will be free. Modding will also be a big part of the game, and the game will feature a model maker for in-game items.

High Expectations

Most people have very high expectations of Hytale, and we hope those expectations will be fulfilled. The developers are going one step at a time, making sure everything works fine before they set the release date.

This is great because many games are released in really bad shape, causing the player base to abandon them very quickly. What are your thoughts on Hytale? Are you part of the hype train? Let us know in the comments below.

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