Inbox Alternatives (by Google) for Android and iOS

For several years now, Google has maintained and updated two separate email apps for mobile and web platforms. Gmail has been around since 2004 and happens to hold the trophy as one of Google’s most successful products to date, with over 1.4 billion users around the globe. Gmail accounts basically run the entire backend of Google, and are occasionally even required to use other Google products like Android. The Gmail app on Android and iOS had a reputation for being pretty good, but in 2014, Google announced an all-new email application to use with your existing Gmail account: Inbox. Originally available by invitation only, Inbox was off to a rocky start in the first couple months of its existence. Some accounts (especially business and school accounts) didn’t sync with the application, leaving some users without their entire email service on their phone.

Still, for many, Inbox felt like a revelation, a complete reinvention of some of the tropes and recurring features we’d come to expect in mobile and desktop email applications. Suddenly, Google made it easy to balance your multitude of emails, sorting them into categories that made it simple to minimize or archive them with just one or two clicks at a time. Even better was Inbox’s ability to show you your trip reservations on one page, open your reminders, and so much more right within the desktop or mobile app. And with other third-party email applications like Astro drying up at a similar rate, it’s become seemingly impossible to recommend new apps and services to replace Inbox on your phone and desktop.

So, with Inbox limited to about five more months of life, we saw it time to take a look at the market for email apps, to decide the best replacements for email on your phone, tablet, and desktop computer. While the market has continued to be increasingly limited, we select four apps that may be able to replace Inbox by March of 2019. Here are the best options to replace Inbox on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

One thought on “Inbox Alternatives (by Google) for Android and iOS”

dan says:
Honestly, I can’t see any useful difference from the Gmail of old to now. Inbox is far and away better than Gmail. Why is Google killing their best app and keeping the crap app? I just don’t get it.

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