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How To Install and Use the KissAnime Kodi Addon

How To Install and Use the KissAnime Kodi Addon

Anime is an art form that has a huge fanbase both in its places of origin in Asia and also here in the west. Westerners love the combination of bright colors, fantastic storylines and similarity to our own comic book culture. Regardless of why you like anime, it is a logical genre to see out if you enjoy animated content. One problem with following anime has always been having the collect media from all kinds of places and watching it as you found it. However, now the KissAnime addon for Kodi will let you collect all your anime in one easy place.


The KissAnime Kodi addon is exactly what it says: a Kodi addon that specializes in anime. It has literally hundreds of titles, just over 6,000 at the current count, spread over 130 pages. That is enough animated action for even the most hardened fan!

This Kodi addon is not officially supported but many of the best ones aren’t. As far as I can tell, it is a good quality addon that does nothing other than pull lots of anime content into one place. I see no reason to not use it if you want to.

Kodi addons

On its own, Kodi is a very good media center that is versatile and easy to use. It is only when you begin using addons that the true power of Kodi is revealed. By itself, Kodi is streamlined, well designed and will work on most TVs. It has a simple UI and is regularly updated with new content and improvements.

Addons are just like apps for your phone. Pieces of programming that the operating system can use to add functionality. Many of the best Kodi addons add channels. The KissAnime Kodi addon is one of these.

How to install the KissAnime Kodi addon

I use Kodi v17 Krypton so will use that as an example of how to install the KissAnime Kodi addon. Kodi v16 is similar and I’ll cover that afterwards. The first thing we have to do is add the SuperRepo repository. Once we have that, then we can install the KissAnime Kodi addon.

Installing SuperRepo:

  1. Open Kodi on your device and select Add-ons.
  2. Select the cog settings icon and enable Unknown sources. Agree the warning if one appears.
  3. Navigate back to the Kodi home screen, select the cog icon again, and select the folder to access File Manager.
  4. Select Add source and then select <None>.
  5. Type ‘’ into the box and select Done.
  6. Give it a name, SuperRepo is a good one and select OK.

When you return to the home screen and select Add-ons, you should now see an open box icon that represents a download source. That is SuperRepo, which is a repository of addons for Kodi.

Installing KissAnime:

  1. Return to the Kodi home screen and select Add-ons.
  2. Select the new download source icon (the open box) and select Install from zip file.
  3. Select SuperRepo then Krypton then Genres then Anime and then
  4. Wait until you see the message telling you the addon is enabled.
  5. Select Install from repository and SuperRepo All.
  6. Select Video add-ons and then KissAnime.
  7. Select Install and give it time to set everything up. You should see a message telling you the addon has been enabled.

Now you have everything necessary to begin watching your new channel. Go back to the home page, select Add-ons and you should see KissAnime in the listing. Select it and find something to watch!

Installing KissAnime Kodi addon onto Jarvis

If you use Kodi v16 Jarvis, the process is much the same but the menu titles are slightly different. To avoid any confusion, here is how install KissAnime Kodi addon on Jarvis. Adding the SuperRepo repository is the same so I won’t repeat myself here. Follow the instructions above and then:

  1. Open the Kodi home screen and select System.
  2. Select Add-ons and Install from zip file.
  3. Select SuperRepo (or whatever you call yours) and then Jarvis, genres and anime.
  4. Select and wait for the addon enabled message.
  5. Select Install from repository and SuperRepo All.
  6. Select Videos then Video add-ons and KissAnime.
  7. Select Install.

Navigate back to the home screen and then select Videos, Add-ons and KissAnime. All the channels should be there.

As far as I know, there is no better anime addon for Kodi. This is the largest, most stable and easiest to use. With over 6,000 titles to choose from, it has to be one of the largest single repositories of anime around. If you’re into this stuff, you’re going to want to use KissAnime!

Note that Kodi repositories are notorious for having addons one day and then losing them the next, so if you have trouble finding the KissAnime zip file, don’t despair. Googling around for it can often tell you where it’s now located.

Got any other tips for using Kodi? Share them with us below!

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4 thoughts on “How To Install and Use the KissAnime Kodi Addon”

Vegito says:
Fails to install from both Krypton and Jarvis. Not sure what’s going on but I hope this gets fixed ASAP. I NEED Kiss Anime!
Mr Sweettango says:
The kiss anime video add-on is missing? Any new info to install this add-on?
McCaula says:
Nit good at all. I tried it had many anime repo but not kiss anime.
Josh says:
Thank you very much, this article was really helpful. I finally figured out how to enable SuperRepo and install KissAnime.

Very well written article.

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