iPhone X Disabled (Solution)

It’s a good idea for owners of the iPhone X to know how they can fix a disabled iPhone X.Sometimes a message will appear on your screen saying iPhone disabled.  I’ll explain below how you can fix this issue on your device.  Even if you’ve never backed up your device with iTunes. It is still possible to successfully carry out data recovery on your smartphone.

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How to Fix Disabled iPhone X Without a Backup

Maybe you have never backed up your Apple iPhone X with iTunes, as soon as your iPhone is locked and disabled, it becomes impossible to back up again.  If you experience this,  the only solution  is to restore your device using the iTunes method. This basically means that you will lose all your documents,  files, pictures,  setting and everything that is on your smartphone.

Making Use Of iCloud to Fix iPhone

Owners of the iPhone X that have backed up their device with the iCloud service has a chance of recovering their documents, files, app data, photos and contacts in iCloud.This means that you can go ahead to carry out the process knowing fully well that your files and documents are safe. If your smartphone got disabled because of typing an incorrect password, you can fix it by using another Apple device to check data that has been synced with your iCloud.  Provide your Apple details and login through Settings and then go to iCloud and then sync your smartphone to see if all your contacts,  files and documents are present as backup.

How to Fix Disabled iPhone Connected to iTunes:

  1. You will first need to connect your device to a computer
  2. Launch iTunes
  3. Choose the iPhone (You will see it on the side pane or from top-right of the screen)
  4. Select Restore in the Summary section
  5. If the iTunes process does not encounter any issue, your smartphone will be wiped clean and you will be able to start afresh.  You can then continue to restore it from your iCloud
  6. If the iTunes process encounters an error. Then I will recommend you enter recovery mode.  You can do this by pressing and holding the Power and Home keys until the screen goes black. You can connect your smartphone to iTunes and restore

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