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How To Transfer Files On Essential PH-1

How To Transfer Files On Essential PH-1

In this article, we will show you the steps on how to transfer files, such as pictures, videos, audio, and other data, to your Essential PH-1 from another Essential smart phone. This is done by using a software called Essential Kies. Keyboard vibrations is a common feature of smartphones that makes it vibrate every time the keyboard has been touched. a way for your phone to tell you that it has recognized your finger touching the screen as an input. It emulates a real keyboard feel, so that you can type without looking at the screen. But it is an acquired taste and may use up some of your battery, so, if you want to know how to turn off the keyboard vibrations on your Essential PH-1, just refer to the steps below.

But with Essential’s new release, Essential PH-1, comes with it an improved file-transferring software, the Essential Smart Switch. This software allows the user to transfer any kind of file (images, audio files, videos, messages, contacts, calendar, etc) to your Essential PH-1, similar to what Essential Kies does.

Through Essential Smart Switch, connecting your phone via USB is no longer needed. You may be able to switch easily from an iPhone to an Essential PH-1. Essential Smart Switch works by connecting directly to your iCloud, allowing for  data to be downloaded directly. It also has a smart  “Change your iMessage settings to avoid disruptions in receiving text messages” option.

Downloading the Smart Switch Software

The official Essential website contains the links for downloading Smart Switch for both  Mac and Windows. File size is about 34 megabytes. Follow the links below:

A pop-up link prompting for you to download the Smart Switch app will appear once setting up your device. To begin the installation process, select Download and Open.

You may now be able to transfer contacts, text messages, call history, photos, videos, audio, calendar events, Wi-Fi settings, alarms, bookmarks, and applications to your Essential PH-1 easily and hassle-free via iCloud.

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Dec 27, 2017

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