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Is GrubHub Free?

Is GrubHub Free?

Sadly, GrubHub isn’t free, nor is any food delivery service. However, there are many (legit) hacks you can use to get yourself some great discounts and deals. For instance, you can save money by using coupons or subscribing to GrubHub plus.

Read on to learn how to utilize all kinds of promotional offers. And if you apply what you learn from this article, you’ll surely spend much less on GrubHub in the future.

Check Out GrubHub Deals

The best way to start saving money on GrubHub is by using its deals website. Alternatively, you can find these deals on the GrubHub iOS or Android app, depending on what device you’re using. Make sure to use the provided link and update your GrubHub app, so you get the latest offers.

You can find many great coupons here, including free delivery deals, flat discount amounts, and percent-based discounts on your total order amount. Here are some coupon codes which you can use right now (grab them while they’re still valid):

  1. Use the code CNN25 for 25% off your first GrubHub order, on orders above (this value included, the same applies to the whole article) $15 total.
  2. The code BUI7 saves you $7 off $12 and above totals.
  3. AFFFREEDEL is universal for orders above $15
  4. SUBFREE is for $15 or higher orders from Subway
  5. DENNYSFREE is the same as previous but for Denny’s,
  6. The last one is for Burger King, KING FREE.

GrubHub Free

Using Promo Codes on GrubHub

All of the codes mentioned above can be applied at the checkout. You can place your order as usual and apply the coupon at the end. Coupons are used the same way on both the GrubHub app and website.

Search for the restaurant on the app or website, find a meal you like, select Buy, and then proceed to the checkout. There you can choose to apply a gift or promo code. Select this option, enter your coupon, and enjoy your discounted meal or delivery.

Note that the referral codes for GrubHub work the same way. The more referrals you have, the more discounts you’ll get. The discounts are whopping $12 off orders which meet the certain magic GrubHub criteria (again, orders above $15).

You get one code for such a discount per referral. In other words, refer as many people as you can, and you’ll enjoy GrubHub services nearly for free.

Deals That Don’t Require Coupons

Some deals on GrubHub don’t require you to use coupons at all. For example, you always get free delivery when you order from McDonald’s (again for orders over $15). If you sign up for GrubHub with your email, you get $12 off your first order.

There’s also a GrubHub discount for students, on the first $15 or above order. Some restaurants offer a $5 discount for orders over $25. In fact, Burger King partnered up with GrubHub to offer free delivery on $10 and above orders, which should last until March 29th.

Also, you’ll get two extra kid meals free of charge with all GrubHub app purchases from Burger King until April 6th. Ruby Tuesday also has free delivery on GrubHub, and so does Del Taco (for orders higher than $15).

Pick Up Your Food

Food delivery indeed has its perks, but sometimes the delivery cost is simply too expensive. Therefore, why not simply pick up the food yourself? You can choose this option at the checkout using GrubHub, and doing so will save you 100% on delivery fees.

This option is only viable if you’ve close to the GrubHub merchant, however. Otherwise, it may prove inefficient as it will consume a lot of time and gas. But a combination of coupons or current GrubHub deals, and picking up your food will save you a ton of money.


Get GrubHub Plus

Finally, there’s a new subscription option on GrubHub. You can get their Plus plan and pay a flat $10 for a month’s worth of delivery fees. It seems like a great deal for people who use GrubHub on a regular basis, and it essentially makes picking up your food pointless.

Saving $10 a month doesn’t seem worth the effort, and GrubHub Plus is a much better option. If you think that the restaurants won’t support GrubHub Plus, you’re wrong. More than 100,000 accepted this deal, which is fantastic.

Don’t get carried away, though. The free delivery only applies to orders above $12. And there is a free two-week trial for this subscription plan, so check it out.

Nothing Is Free

Sadly, not even the air we breathe is free. However, in GrubHub’s case, there are many freebies available. In that respect, it’s one of the best food delivery platforms around, and is heavily customer-oriented.

Do you agree? Did you manage to snag those coupon deals? Comment away below, and don’t fear asking a question of your own.

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