How to Know If Someone Deleted Their Grindr

Before you read on, ask yourself if you really want to take this step. There’s nothing wrong with keeping your wits about you, but checking up on somebody is rarely a healthy thing to do. What next? Checking their phone, setting up fake Facebook accounts, cat-fishing or a honey trap?

That said, even if you believe your partner to be the most virtuous and honest person on earth, there’s always that little niggle of curiosity. In short, it’s sometimes fun to see if your partner has anything to hide. But how do you find out if someone has deleted their Grindr account?

Sign Up for Grindr Yourself and Go Looking on Other People’s Profiles

The easiest way is to go onto Grindr yourself and go looking for the other person’s profile. If it exists, then you have your answer. The only problem is that if your partner is cheating, then there’s the problem of fake and anonymous profiles.

It’s actually against Grindr’s terms and conditions to start an anonymous account. It encourages dangerous, predatory and spamming behavior. Ergo, if you or the other person hide your identity, then Grindr may act…but it probably won’t. You can report people all you like on Grindr, and you’ll mostly get auto-responses unless you can show that a law is being broken.

Anonymous and Impersonation

Check your partner’s phone to see if the app is still installed. This is probably the best way to get around the fact that some users have anonymous accounts. Plus, you have to remember that people can sign up and pretend to be other people. You may see an account that looks nothing like your partner, but your partner has control over it.

In fact, impersonation has been used as a weapon in the past with one man receiving over 700 requests for sex after somebody set up a profile in his name on Grindr. With that said, if you think you’ve found your partner on Grindr, and you fancy setting up a honey trap or doing come cat-fishing, then you may have to set up a fake/impersonated profile too, (although this isn’t recommended).

What If You Have Been Blocked?

This is the big question because somebody could tell you that an account has been deactivated, when in fact you’ve simply been blocked. When you’ve blocked, it looks as if the other person has left Grindr and any linked profile has been deleted (but it hasn’t).

In this case, find a friend who also has a Grindr profile, and have that person look on Grindr for your partner. Maybe use any old links you have saved to help the other person in their search.

Another trick you may not know about is changing your user name. If you change your user name, it’s almost like having a brand-new profile, which is handy if you’re trying to avoid somebody (or if they’re trying to avoid you).

Do Not Use Software to See Who Blocked You

There are online and downloadable tools that tell you if somebody has blocked you. Don’t use them. Their primary aim is to collect your personal data, or to infect your mobile device. At the very most, all they’ll do is scan the database for the person you think has blocked you.

It’s far safer and efficient to have a friend look on Grindr to see if your partner’s profile is still active. Also, when websites say they can tell you who has blocked you, don’t believe them. They only want your login information. Grindr has gone to great lengths to make sure people who are blocked don’t know they’ve been blocked.

When it comes to people being blocked, it takes a fair amount of hacking skill to get around their privacy protocols. Only one company has achieved the hack. They were called C*ck Blocked, and were patched out by the Grindr team.

Goodbye Ck Blocked

No other tool, app or hacker has managed to get around the blocking protocols. Grindr simply holds blocked profiles outside of the usual registry, just like the profiles that are reported as impersonations.

Rooted and Data Files

As mentioned earlier, Grindr has taken great effort to ensure people who block other people are no longer hassled by them. The notion that some apps can root your phone to find old blocked profiles is incorrect.

Rooting a device

Plus, there are no data files either on your app or your phone that show who has blocked you. This is an urban legend born from the fact that somebody who has blocked you will still show up briefly if you have not updated the app for a while, (a phenomenon caused by your phone being in data-save mode and only updating apps when close to a Wi-Fi connection).

You Could Just Ask

One assumes you want to know if somebody else deleted their Grindr because you’re in a relationship with that person. On one hand, being unsure that their Grindr has been deleted suggests mistrust on your end. Be it justified or not, your best bet is to simply ask. Once you have your answer, you need to ask yourself if you’re going to take a risk. If so, then trust the answer and move on.

Did you find the answer you were looking for? Maybe you should consider trusting your partner. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.

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