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What Does the Kurio Watch Do?

Being a smartwatch designed for children, Kurio offers features that can keep a youngster entertained. The features range from a built-in camera to games and apps, plus there is an option to pair the Kurio with a smartphone for calls and messaging.

However, this only scratches the surface of what this watch can do. To give you a better understanding of Kurio’s characteristics, this write-up takes a closer look at its design, customization options, connectivity, and other key features.

Overall Design

At first glance, Kurio seems too big, almost clunky, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. The large square body allows for a sizable watch face, and it has a 1.54” touchscreen. The display is not that sharp and the resolution is only 240 x 240 pixels, but your child most probably won’t complain about that.

As for the silicone strap, it’s comfortable, fits nicely, and comes with a stud closure. It’s worth noting that the youngsters would probably need some help to put Kurio on. But you may expect this with any other smartwatch for children.

Similar to the competitors, Kurio sports bright-colored straps and body, and it’s available in five exciting color options. The cool thing is that the colors change hue based on the temperature.


Connectivity and Ports

The MicroSD slot and the Power button are on the right side. It’s advisable to get a MicroSD card right away because 256MB storage is just enough to support the built-in features and apps. The recharging port is on the left, and the watch powers up via a Micro USB cable.

Your kid’s Kurio can connect to other Kurios and smartphones via Bluetooth. There’s also a proprietary app, and it works on any Android from 4.0 and later. At the time of writing, Kurio did not provide support and connectivity for iOS. That’s a limitation indeed, but it might change with a future update.

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User Interface

The trick with any smartwatch is to design a user interface that’s usable, easy to navigate, and well laid out. Kurio ticks all the right boxes in this category, and the main watch face offers relatively big icons in a grid layout.

Navigation swipes are responsive and intuitive, but there is a bit of a lag, and the option buttons are a bit too small. Overall, navigation is a bit fiddly and takes some time to get used to. But again, your child should be able to figure it out in no time.

There is some room for improvements in the software design, though Kuro compensates this with a vast pool of themes. Therefore, it should be easy to find the look your child likes.

Where’s All the Fun?

Games and features such as the camera are Kurio’s highlights, bound to grab your youngster’s attention. After all, a spy-like wrist camera is probably on pretty much every boy’s Christmas list. But how does Kurio’s camera perform?

The watch comes with a 0.3-megapixel camera that can capture stills and video. However, the photos tend to be grainy, and it’s tricky to shoot anything other than a selfie. Given the minuscule sensor, the camera doesn’t excel at video either.

With this in mind, the child should be able to get a decent shot under good lighting. And of course, the watch is designed to be more of a fun-oriented smart toy. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect a performance that’s up to par with smartwatches for adults.

Apps and Games

Kurio packs an impressive assortment of apps and games. There is an art app, music player, calculator, etc. But the main highlights are the translator app and the “In Case of Emergency” option.

Game-wise, the Kurio has all the classics like Tic-Tac-Toe, Pirates Battle, Snake, Sports Challenge, and more. That being said, the gameplay quality is not that great, but it’s enough to keep even the older children entertained for some time.

what kurio watch does

The main drawback is that there is no way to get more games and apps on the smartwatch. In a way, this limits Kurio’s lifespan, and your child is going to outgrow the features at one point.


The best thing about Kurio software and apps is that you get to pair two devices. For example, a child can send interactive messages to other Kurios nearby. The supported message formats include images, voice, drawings, as well as emojis.

Games like Pirates Battle and Tic-Tac-Toe have a 2-player mode, which makes them ideal for some pre-bedtime sibling fun.

How Long Does the Battery Last?

The answer to this question depends on the usage. For example, games and the camera are the most demanding for the 400mAh battery, and it might drain fast. The same goes for intensive messaging.

On the other hand, if a child uses the watch lightly, the battery may last for a couple of days. And it shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours for the watch to juice up.

The Curious Case of Kurio

So, what does the Kurio watch do? The answer is it does everything that can keep a pre-schooler entertained and happy. Yes, there are limitations, but the watch offers plenty of features to get the child ready for more serious gadgets.

Has your child used a smartwatch before? How about a Kurio? Do you wear a smartwatch? Tell us more about your experience in the comments section below.