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LG G6 Fingerprint Sensor Not Working

LG G6 Fingerprint Sensor Not Working

With a fingerprint sensor, smartphone owners can quickly unlock their device without worrying about security issues. The LG G6 fingerprint sensor works fine for most G6 owners, but some users have reported an issue with the G6 fingerprint sensor. Some users have reported that the LG G6 fingerprint sensor doesn’t work, whilst others have mentioned that it only works when they disable it and re-enable it. We’ll provide some fixes for the broken LG G6 fingerprint sensor below.


How To Use Fingerprint Sensor

Firstly, you’ll need to make sure that the LG G6 fingerprint sensor is turned on and ready to use. First, go to settings > Lock Screen & Security > Screen Lock Type > Fingerprints. You’ll then need to follow the instructions displayed on the screen to setup the fingerprint scanner. You can come back to this setting menu at any time to add new fingerprints or remove existing fingerprints. Having different fingerprints will allow you to unlock the LG G6 no matter how you are holding it.


Set up the Fingerprint Sensor

If you want further instructions for setting up the fingerprint sensor on the LG G6 correctly, please follow the step by step guide we have provided below.

  1. Make sure the LG G6 is switched on.
  2. Return to Lock Screen and Security within the settings app.
  3. Tap on the ’Fingerprint’ option then tap ’+Add fingerprint’
  4. You’ll need to follow the information on the display until 100% of your finger has been scanned.
  5. You’ll also need to setup a backup security feature for cases where the fingerprint sensor fails.
  6. Tap the “OK” button to enable the fingerprint sensor.
  7. You can now unlock your LG G6 by placing your finger on the fingerprint sensor.


How to disable Fingerprint Sensor

If you’re here to find out how to disable the fingerprint sensor on the LG G6, you’ll need to follow the steps we have provided below. Once you have disabled the fingerprint sensor you will need to choose a different default security option, so make sure to read the information below carefully.

  1. Make sure your LG G6 is switched on.
  2. Open the App Menu from the home screen.
  3. Tap to open the” Settings” app.
  4. Tap the option for “Lock Screen and Security.”
  5. Tap “Screen Lock Type.”


You’ll first need to use your fingerprint one last time to access the screen lock type page. Once you have done that, you’ll be able to change your screen lock type to any of the options listed below.

  • Swipe
  • Pattern
  • Pin
  • Password
  • None


Once you have changed your default lock screen option, you’ll be able to completely disable the fingerprint sensor option.


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