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LG G7 Bluetooth Pairing

LG G7 Bluetooth Pairing

There are owners of the new LG G7 that will like to know they can set up a Bluetooth pairing to work perfectly. Some users of the LG G7 have complained of always finding it difficult to connect their LG G7 Bluetooth feature with that of their cars, while some are finding it difficult to connect their LG G7 Bluetooth with their headphones. All these issues are common to the LG G7 Bluetooth, and you can easily solve them with some troubleshooting methods. Below I will explain some methods that you can use in fixing Bluetooth pairing issues on your LG G7.

Till now, the reason for some Bluetooth issues that users experience n their LG G7 is still largely unknown. And sadly, LG has not published or posted an article on their site to address this issues. So basically, we do not know whether these issues are being caused because of a software or hardware bug. Most LG G7 users that are driving cars like Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW, Tesla, Volkswagen, Mazda, Nissan Ford, Volvo, have all complained about not being able to pair the LG G7 Bluetooth feature with their car. However, there is no need to be upset because there are methods that you can try to fix the Bluetooth pairing issue on your LG G7.

The first method that I will recommend to fix the LG G7 Bluetooth issues is to delete the Bluetooth data by clearing the cache. The work of the cache on your LG G7 is to save temporary data. That will make it easier to switch from one app to another. It has been noticed that this issue is most common with the car Bluetooth devices. So, anytime you face the Bluetooth pairing issue when connecting with that of your car, I will suggest that you clear the Bluetooth cache and data then try to connect again and see if it works. Below is a guide that can help you to fix the LG G7 Bluetooth pairing problems.

How to Fix LG G7 Bluetooth Issues

  1. Power on your LG G7
  2. Locate the home screen and tap on the app icon
  3. Click on the settings icon
  4. Search for the Application Manager
  5. Use your finger to swipe in any direction to Display All Tabs
  6. Choose Bluetooth
  7. Click on ‘Stop it forcefully’
  8. You can now clear the cache
  9. Click on clear the Bluetooth data
  10. Tap on Ok
  11. To complete the process, restart the LG G7

How to fix LG G7 Bluetooth Issues

If the Bluetooth pairing issue persists on your LG G7 after you have tried all the methods explained above, then the final method is to put your LG G7 into recovery mode and wipe cache partition. Once the process is completed, you should try connecting the LG G7 to another device with Bluetooth feature. This should work by now. The tips above should be able to assist you in fixing any Bluetooth problems you have on your LG G7.

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