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LG G7 Fingerprint Sensor Not Working

LG G7 Fingerprint Sensor Not Working

Some users of the LG G7 have complained of having issues with the Fingerprint Sensor on their LG G7. It has been noticed that a part of the sensor does not respond to touch which makes it difficult to actually disable or enable the feature. Below I will explain some methods that you can use to solve the fingerprint sensor issue on your LG G7. The LG G7 fingerprint sensor not working has been said to be a common issue.

How To Use Fingerprint Sensor

If you are will like to know how to enable the Fingerprint sensor on your LG G7, you just need to go to Settings tap on Lock screen, and security locates Screen lock type and then click on > Fingerprints. You can then follow the onscreen guide to activate and use the fingerprint scanner to create a pattern on your LG G7. Also, you may add more fingers later so that it becomes easier for you to unlock your LG G7 with more than just a finger. You can also follow the same steps if you later decide to remove these fingerprints.
One of the advantages of activating the fingerprint sensor on your LG G7 is that it makes it possible to access your LG G7 without having to type in your password. And also, you won’t need to download third party apps when you are trying to verify an LG account. Follow the instructions below set up the improved LG G7 Fingerprint Sensor.

Set up the Fingerprint Sensor

One of the advantages of using the LG G7 Fingerprint Sensor is that it gives your device a better level of protection. You can also be sure that no one can read your messages or access your files. They cannot do this without your consent because they will need your fingerprint. Also, there is no point trying to memorize your passcode or write it down because you can easily use your fingerprint to unlock your LG G7. Setting up your fingerprint sensor is quite simple, and I will explain how you can do it.

  1. Power on your LG G7
  2. Click Settings on your home screen and then locate Lock screen and security
  3. Tap on Fingerprint and then +Add fingerprint
  4. You can now follow the onscreen instructions until the fingerprint scanner completes the process
  5. Create a backup password
  6. Tap on Ok to activate Fingerprint Lock
  7. From now on, you only need to place your finger on the home button, and your LG G7 will be unlocked

How to Disable Fingerprint Sensor

There are owners of the LG G7 that will like to know how they can deactivate the fingerprint sensor on their device. The idea behind the inclusion of fingerprint sensor on LG G7 is to provide owner with another method to unlock their device, a method that is easier and faster. However, some users don’t like the Fingerprint method, and they will like to know how they can deactivate it on their LG G7. Just follow the guide below to disable the fingerprint sensor on your LG G7.

  1. Power on your LG G7
  2. Click on Menu from the home screen
  3. Click on Settings
  4. Tap on Lock screen and security
  5. Click on Screen Lock Type

After following the guide above, you will be required to use your fingerprint or disable the feature. There are other methods that you can use to unlock your LG G7 lock screen which is listed below.

  • Swipe
  • Pattern
  • Pin
  • Password
  • None

After you have altered the method of unlocking your LG G7, it means you have deactivated the fingerprint sensor on the LG G7.

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